Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Problems that turn into good things.

Plattekill, New York
New York City/Newburgh KOA

Once again I'm playing catch up.  

We spent the holiday weekend with everyone from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.  I think they all went to the Pocono's.  

Bill and I decided to tour the Delaware Water Gap.  The road was in terrible condition.  It was bumper to bumper cars.  We decided that looking at the waterfalls wasn't that important so we turned around and found a nice flea market.
   Notice my souvenir shirt from the Yuengling tour?

We decided that we weren't going anywhere else until after the holiday.  There were a lot of things going on in the park.

They had a hay ride, and a parade in the park.  

Tell me we aren't in the high rent district.  This Rolls Royce was parked next to us.

Notice how close we are parked next to the garbage area?
This was posted on the doors to the dumpster area.

This morning we left early as the temperatures were expected to be in the 90's with humidity.  Our original plan was to stop at Grey Towers for a tour of the mansion.  We checked out Goggle Earth and decided we could manage to park the rig sideways across some parking spaces.  Unfortunately, we realized we were too early for the first tour at 11.  

We only had about a 100 mile trip to Hopewell Junction where we had reservations for this next week.  We thought it was a good location to see the Vanderbilt Mansion, FDR Museum, Washington's Headquarters, West Point, Walk over the Hudson, Culinary Institute of America (not for lessons but for lunch) Hudson River Cruise and of course a day in New York City.  

As we drove into the park, I realized it was very old.  The only site that was available was a 30 amp site.  The park is very pretty with a huge lovely lake.  As I was talking with the host, he said sometimes the AC's can't even run on 50 amp.  He said when it was built they only had 20 amp.   I'm now getting worried about the site.  Someone was still on it, so we had to wait.  I got in the golf cart and went up the hill to see what it looked like.  It was completely covered with trees and there were big holes you would have to back in over.  

I came back and told Bill I didn't think we'd be happy without 50 amp in this heat.  The host told me the owner would have to refund my $75 deposit as I used a credit card.  He's suppose to refund it later today.

I started calling parks, but it was lunch time and I just ended up leaving messages.  I finally found a KOA in Plattekill and they had a site.  No problem, we'll just back track a bit and be there in 30 minutes.  I plugged the address into the GPS and we were on our way.  

About 10 miles away we are going down a state highway when I saw a sign that said bridge is out.  Surely there will be a detour sign or another road to turn onto.  All of a sudden we could see the barricade so the only thing Bill could do was back into a driveway.  I got out and stopped the traffic and he started backing up.  I waved two cars through and the second vehicle stopped and said we could turn around in his business.  He said follow him.  He took us right down to the barricade and turned and once we went through the gate, there was room to turn around.  He also gave us directions how to get back down on I 84.  He said we weren't the only ones.  He said a Motorhome came down the road and had their tow vehicle unhitched before he could tell him where to turn around.  

Traveling in the East does have its challenges.  

Tomorrow promises to be a very long busy day.  

Turtle Safely.......

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