Friday, September 30, 2016

Leaving Goshen Behind

Cape Girardeau, MO
Cape Camping and RV Park

Yesterday we picked the coach up at the Keystone Service Center.  

Julie went over the work that was done on our coach.  I was happy to hear that our diagnosis of a bad gallery tank was wrong.  We've heard from other fifth wheel owners of other brands about the tank problems.  

While we were on the tour of the Montana factory we were shown the  tanks that are being used.  I can see why they are so much stronger and better designed than others.

Our problem was in our kitchen island.  Somehow we had a leak under the sink which is probably what we saw leaking out the belly.   

I had mentioned to our service techs that we had rain come in once in the bedroom.  They replaced all the rubber seals and then had it sent to the rain bath to check for leaks.

The kitchen floor looks great and I no longer have duct tape on it.  

Tony, our service tech, also re-torqued our wheels and checked our propane for leaks, which is something they do every time they service a coach.   
All this work and no charge.  Keystone does this every year for the Montana owners during their annual fall rally.  Thank you Keystone for all your support of the MOC.

We left Goshen around 1 pm which is a late start for us.  Our plan was to drive to Caboose RV Park, in Remington.  It used to be a Passport America but they only offer Good Sam now.  At $41.40 for an overnight stop, I think that will be the last time we stay there.  The interstate ramp was about 50 feet from our coach and the noise was horrendous.  

We weren't in any hurry today and the weather forecast was predicting light showers.  Our plan was to take highway 24 west.  It's a two lane road which we normally like.  I don't know if it was the threat of rain showers that made everyone pass us while we were doing the speed limit.
After about the 4th or 5th one that passed when it was unsafe, I suggested we take the interstate.  

The showers were light but we drove in them most of the day.  Our plan was to drive about 200 miles and stop for the night.  

I mentioned that I'd be glad to cross the Mississippi and to be in the west again.  The next thing I knew, we were headed to Cape Giradeau. 

We've stayed at this park before.  I used the Points of Interest for RV Parks on the GPS.  We followed the GPS until it said we had arrived.  It was at the Eagles, in a different section of town.  When we checked in at the RV park, Betty, told me the same thing happened to the people who checked in ahead of us. Confused GPS's?  It's amazing how many times our GPS takes us on a wild ride to nowhere.

It felt good to walk over to the Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We had traveled 346 miles which was a long day in the saddle.  

Tonight we are sleeping in the "west".  It felt very good to cross the Mississippi.

Turtle Safely.....,


  1. Way too many miles. Great news that everything got fixed and it wasnt the tank. Welcome back to the best side of the river.

    1. Just one of those days when we were listening to a great book and didn't want to stop. It was cool and gray skies and I guess we felt comfortable in the truck.

  2. Way too many miles. Great news that everything got fixed and it wasnt the tank. Welcome back to the best side of the river.

  3. You really put on some miles, making good time.

  4. GPS aarrggh! And then we discovered that our mobile WiFi was "roaming". We will be so happy to get to the states in a few days.


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