Friday, September 23, 2016

Montana Owners Club Fall Rally--Day 2

Goshen, IN
Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds

It's been busy and fun here at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds.

I forgot to include the group photo of the newbies in yesterday's blog.  

In the morning we toured the Middlebury Hardwoods plant.  

We toured it last year, and returned again this year.  Of course they had boxes of Rise N Roll donuts before our tour began.  

We were told that they have 15 semi trucks full of wood delivered weekly.  

It was interesting how the cabinets were made.  I was surprised that they had some rubber balls that allowed for movement in the dryness of the southwestern states.  

They run two shifts of employees to fill the orders.  We were shown the difference that Montana requires in their coaches from some of the other brands.

There was a ladies driving school put on by Montana going on at the same time.  Can you imagine a company giving you brand new coaches and instructors to women that in some cases have never driven the truck. Men were not allowed.  

In the afternoon, everyone had an appointment with a service tech.  You had 15 minutes time allotted.  I was finished in six minutes.  I did show them, my boo boo with the kitchen floor.  They also seem to think I may have a cracked galley tank.  We are scheduled to take it to Keystone on Monday to have it repaired.  
Did I mention that Jason and Steven climbed up on the roof to check everything out?

There were afternoon seminars on Dexter Axles, Hand Signal Class and RV Weight and Tire Safety.  Bill attended some of them and I attended a craft class.  I know everyone is laughing about me in a craft class.  We made a Christmas ornament and a dish with a sponge painted pumpkin.  I felt pretty good that I actually finished the project.  

In the evening we went to Miller's Country Kitchen.  They have an Amish dinner for us.  This year it was in their home instead of the building.  They are getting older and the children are all married so they don't have any help.  It was limited to 30 people.  One thing nice was that it was much easier to park with less vehicles.  The other group went to Amish Acres.

We don't do the campfires as the smoke seems to bother Bill, besides we were tired.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. You could be one of the instructors at the women's driving class. Campfires bother Jim's breathing and I just don't really like them.

    1. I think many of these women are intimated by their husbands.

  2. I don't like campfires much either. Love our new propane one with no smell.

    1. Yeah, a propane would be good. By that time of night, I'm ready to get my pj's on.

  3. Looks like another fun day keeping yourselves busy, not many campfires for us either anymore.

  4. How nice of Middlebury to have donuts for y'all before the tour. Nice way to start your day.


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