Thursday, September 29, 2016

Montana Owners Club Fall Rally--last day

Goshen, Indiana

The last day of the rally is always mixed emotions.  I get hitch itch whenever we stay in place for awhile, but it's also hard to say "see 'ya" to old friends and to all the newbies we've met.  

I had an email from Verizon about a new program plan they were offering and wanted to check it out.  In the past, I've always stopped at the Verizon TCC store in Goshen.  For the last two years when I visited the store, I was told to stick with my plan as they couldn't save us any money.  That's why I never had text as I think it was 75 cents per text.  I had text blocked many years ago on that plan.

Robbie helped me save $23.00 per month even though I have a tablet added to my account.  The tablet was on sale for a dollar.  Besides the $23 per month we also get a 15% discount for Bill's former employer. 
Robbie spent all the time I needed to explain everything on the tablet.  He also found that I had added apps to speed up my phone and battery life that had virus in them which he deleted for me.

We had to hurry back to the fairgrounds as the luncheon from Keystone Montana started at noon.  I left the tablet and Robbie finished setting up the tablet.

The luncheon was another fabulous meal from Keystone.  We made a quick trip back to Verizon to pick up the tablet.
Bud and Susie Walsh also changed their plan.  When I went back, I couldn't get my Allstays app to work.  Of course, that is my most used app.  Robbie spent a lot of time, but he had it working for me. 

Following the luncheon, Mark Krol gave a talk on all the exciting new things that Montana is incorporating.  Montana now has the largest oven in the RV industry.  Of course, knowing how much I hate cooking, that wasn't something I was interested in.  It was nice to see how you can now have a wall oven with no bending over and also no more having to light the oven.  It truly is a three burner range now with the placement of the burners.  They also have a model with a residential bathtub and a new style water heater.  I could go on and on but it was exciting to see all the new innovative ideas that are forthcoming. 

Again this year, the honor guard training is being held here. They posed for a photo for me.

Let's hope they never have to put this training to use.

After the Keystone talk, Sharon and Steve Bishoff, Ron and Mary Lichtenberg and Glen and Mary Strom, wagon masters, served the ice cream.

The final raffle drawing was held after the ice cream social.
Bill won a prize.

All attendees were given a jump drive with photos of the rally to take home.

The weather changed and it was cold and windy.  A few sprinkles and the feel of fall.  It's been a great time, we've met more new people and renewed friendships of the members we met at previous rallies.  

The next Montana event will be the Circling of the Wagons in Quartzite in January.

We may stay an additional night if our coach isn't finished.  

Turtle Safely...........



  1. We will just call him "Big WinnerBill" from now on. Lol
    You say Verizon saved you money. That may be a first.

  2. So can you text now? I love texting for short conversations. Love Bills big win. Lol

  3. It is amazing that Verizon saved you money like Weaver said, gotta like that.
    Enjoy your travels and travel safe.

    1. We'll see when I get my first statement.

  4. So can you text now? I love texting for short conversations. Love Bills big win. Lol

  5. We had Verizon once. Service is great. Expensive though.

    I can't see what the prize is on my phone. I will look on my laptop.

  6. How about sharing the name of the new plan?

  7. How about sharing the name of the new plan?

    1. Don't get limited by
      an "unlimited" plan.
      For a limited time, the new Verizon Plan 12 GB comes with an extra 2 GB per line. The next gen network doesn't limit you to SD video quality, force you to slow down your speed, or deprioritize your line based on your data usage. It’s simply the best network.

      Scroll to shop plans
      Additional taxes and other fees apply. Plan cost per month, plus $20/month per smartphone purchased on device payment. 2GB bonus data/mo/line for each new smartphone activation or upgrade purchased on device payment for as long as line remains active on the new Verizon Plan size L (8GB) or above. 2GB/line bonus data does not carry over.
      12 GB

      Hope this helps, I just copied and pasted.


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