Monday, September 5, 2016

The Great Trail

Weirton, WV
Creekside Estates 

Once again I find myself getting behind.  We've been busy and the WIFI is so slow that I haven't even spent much time reading on the internet. 

Yesterday we visited Nicky and Nikki.   They have a really busy schedule with the kids activities and yesterday was a day that they were free from activities.  

We played a board game with the family.  
Levani and Olivia really get along well together.  

Here's a photo of the whole family.

Today Shay and Misty rode over to Malvern, Ohio with us for The Great Trail Arts & Crafts Festival.  The festival has living history, art & crafts, music, dancing, and so much more.

Are you're wondering how the name of the Great Trail came about?  It was the overland route from Pittsburgh to Detroit. The path was used during the French and Indian War, Pontiac's Resistance, the American Revolution, and the Indian War of 1812.

As soon as we entered the gates, I knew Bill was going to enjoy this.

You couldn't have asked for a nicer day for the event.  

We had so much fun.
All ages were participating.  

I loved the period clothing.

There's nothing like hearing bagpipes.

There were all kinds of different crafts.

This women made spinning yarn look so simple.

One thing I didn't mention is that most of the booths were made of rough cut wood.  

Bill found the Gun Shop.  It began in 1988 to show the public that muzzleloading guns are works of art.  The shop represents the late 1700's to early 1800's and and was occupied by craftsmen who were making the firearms.

Yes, that's how the made them way back then. 

These guys made you think you were living in that time period.

You were allowed to walk through the encampment area where families were staying.

These people were really enjoying the weekend.   I can't imagine what it would be like to stay in these tents in rainy weather.  

Many of the people had wares for sales.

I loved the Studebaker wagon.

This was the blacksmith wagon.

They are lined up for the hatchet throwing.  Notice how authentic this guy is--no underwear for him. 
Did I mention we all had buffalo burgers for lunch?  We didn't get photos of the herd of bison.  In 1983 five bison were purchased for the historic theme of the festival. Today there are about 50 bison.  

In 2004 a stillborn white buffalo calf was found along the fence line.  Little Spirit was transferred to a freeze dry taxidermist to be preserved.  One in six billion is the odds of a white buffalo being born.

We continued the day by celebrating Doug's birthday.
It couldn't have been a better Labor Day.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. What another fun weekend, love those kind of festivals they are so interesting.

    1. Nice to see areas trying to preserve history.

  2. Just a little history....The farm that Great Trails is held on is the farm my dad grew up on. They tore down the house several years ago, but my dad has a super photo of it framed in barn wood. They had milking cows, chickens, etc. He farmed there for years and years. I think the old spring house is still standing. We would stay overnight with our grandparents every summer. What a beautiful place it was.

    1. Wow, It's still a gorgeous place. Not only did we walk in the steps of history, but also of your Dad.

  3. Loved your day. . .we love re-enactments as well. . .especially the encampments. We were fortunate enough to experience a Civil War one at Greenfield Village near Dearborn MI. . .

    We were also fortunate to see the white buffalo at Jamestown ND. . .have you guys been through there?

    But spending the day with the family was the very best thing of all. . .right?

    1. Yes, we've seen the white buffalo in Jamestown. It took awhile to spot it and it wasn't up real close.

      We love Greenfield Village, but they didn't have a re-enactment when we were there. We do attend the western most conflict of the Civil War which is held in Arizona every March.

  4. I like reenactment tours. Someday you should do Barkerville, British Columbia. Marsha's history is so cool.

  5. wow that's the best Labor Day I've read or heard about this year. I guess those folks are all reenactors? Now you know why I love Renaissance Festivals. It's fun to just sort of walk back in time. This festival looks like a lot of work and fun for those who put it on.


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