Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds

Just a short blog to tell everyone we survived a bad day yesterday.  

Nothing very bad, just one of those days that each little thing kept adding up.

When we left Weirton yesterday the tire monitors went off.  It didn't take long before we realized that when we had the tires rotated, they didn't change the air pressure.  I was surprised that the shop had never seen tire monitors before.  This was also the shop that replaced the compressor and dryer for our ac that quit.  

When Bill got the compressor out, it wasn't powerful enough to fill the tires.  

I had plotted that we'd go out route 22 to Cambridge and then take I 70.  When we arrived at the intersection of route 250 and 22 the GPS wanted to take us another way.  No problem, we didn't have far to go and the weather was great.  We ended up taking roads that weren't even on the atlas. I think all of Ohio decided to replace every little bridge on the same day.

Our plan was to stay at Jackson Center for a tour of the Airstream plant and stay overnight at their RV park.  When we pulled down the street, it dead ended at a plant gate.  One worker told me, don't worry, just tell the gate guard to let you drive around the building.  As we pulled up to the guard gate, the guard came out and told us we'd have to back up as we couldn't come through the gate.  

Bill got turned around and went down to the next street. One look at the "terraport" and we decided to head down the road.  The sites were like spokes on a wheel. The sites were very short and I know we would not have fit.  

Did I mention that it is getting hot and the truck AC quit again?  We also hit a bird that left a mess on the nose of the fiver.

There were very few rigs in the county park when we pulled in.  The long concrete pull through area only had one site occupied.  Bill says pick one and I made sure to pick one further down from a motorhome.  Once we got unhitched I noticed that it was a 30 amp.  No big deal, we can manage fine.  But why did I pick the only one that was 30 amp when they had all the 50 amps empty?

I turned on the satellite and I kept getting a 771 error.  I messed with all the cables and couldn't get it going.  

Bill wanted to get fuel so he could check the gas mileage since the new injectors were installed.  Even though I had made a pot roast the day before, he suggested we go somewhere for dinner to relax.

Of course, we ended up driving around in circles looking for a restaurant before I spotted an Applebees.  I should have known when I saw there was only a couple of cars in the parking lot that this one might not be like the one in Steubenville.  I also should have left when the "hostess" couldn't even smile or look at us.  The hostess put us at a table with the sun shining directly in our eyes and there was a whole side with empty tables.  I will say our waitress was very good.  Our appetizer arrived quickly and was good.  However, it was 35 minutes before our entree arrived.  People came in after us and had their meal and left.  I wanted a rare steak and when it finally arrived the waitress asked if it was okay. I would have sent it back, but didn't want to wait another half hour.  The green beans were cold.  I was given a $5.00 coupon because of the long wait, but I forgot it on the table.  

When we returned home, I realized that the reason the satellite didn't work, was that the local channels were set for Weirton channels.  When I went to a different channel the satellite worked fine.  

This morning we had a great sunrise followed a little later by rain.  We waited around until the rain quit and drove over to Goshen.  It wasn't too hot and we managed with the back window open a little.  Just enough sprinkles to dirty the coach and truck.

Bill and I are parked on Harley Hill at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds.  We walked over to see if the Person's were here.  I think we spotted their coach, but the truck was gone.  

I'm glad I ordered another Zero G hose.  We have a 25 foot and I love that hose but sometimes you need an extra 10 feet.  The 50 foot was the same price as the 25 foot so when I bought a second one, I picked the longer one.  The water bib leaked terribly, so rather than change sites, I just used the triple one on the other side.  Thanks again, Greg White for recommending it.  

Our first stop in town was a visit to Lux's.  I just wish they would have been in Lima yesterday and it would have changed the whole day--great food and great prices.  

We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the same company that changed the AC.  It's under warranty so we'll see what they have to say.  Unfortunately, we have to drive to Warsaw.  

It's been almost three weeks since we've had decent WIFI, so no way will I catch up on the internet.  

Turtle Safely.......



  1. Sounds like you had a rough time yesterday. A short blog you say? :)

  2. Some times days just go like that, I assume you did not tour the airstream factory. I did a few year ago and was amazing.

  3. Wow that does sound like a rough day, just one thing after another. Hope that never happens again. I am amazed at how far behind I get if we don't have internet and how grumpy it makes me. How did it become so important I ask myself.


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