Friday, November 11, 2016

From Frustration to Great

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

Yesterday was one of those days that you can laugh about today, but it wasn't funny then.  

The day started out with a trip to the bank.  When I opened the vehicle door to get back in, the alarm went off.  Big, loud, ear piercing alarm.  We opened all the doors, turned the engine on, turned the engine off, hit the panic button and nothing would shut it up.  I figured it would shut itself off if we drove it.  I wanted to deliver some items to St. Vincent's so we drove over there.  The alarm shut off about halfway there.  Once I opened the door to get out, it started up again.  Talk about embarrassing.  

We finally drove the car home and once again as soon as the doors were open it started going off again.  I went inside and got the other set of keys and pushed the panic button.  The alarm went off immediately.   Not sure what the problem was, but we put new batteries in the remotes and it's been working fine ever since.  

We found out that the motor for the power seat that works the up and down is going to be about 750 for the part plus labor, but they have been backed ordered since August.  Bill said a pillow is much cheaper.  As much as he loves that truck, he'll be sitting on a pillow.  

Today I had an appointment with the retina doctor.  It was a good report and I have the green light to have my cataracts removed. Yeah! 

After the appointment we met Jim and Sandie Dixon for lunch.  We haven't seen them since last year.  Sandie is the best person for picking a place to eat.  She found a sandwich shop called Philly's Famous.  I looked at the reviews and the menu and it sounded perfect.  When we walked in and looked at the menu on the wall, the owner came over and asked if this was our first visit.  When we told him it was, he suggested the Philly sandwich.  Jim ordered the Italian hoagie, but the owner kept trying to get Jim to order the Philly.  Jim's sandwich was huge and looked great but once he had a bite of Sandie's Philly he said it was much better.  Prices were very reasonable.
Bill and I split a 12 inch sandwich and there were no left overs to take home.
Here's our Philly man.  We sat and talked for a long time and even though the shop was very busy when we left, our Philly man thanked us for coming. 

Jim's smiling because he had left overs to take home.

I was a wonderful day and we enjoyed visiting with Jim and Sandie.  We never run out of things to say.

After we left them we stopped at a couple of thrift stores to see if I could find a pair of rubber boots for our trip North.  I found the perfect ones except they were one size too small.  You'll be seeing me at the local thrift stores.

Turtle Safely........

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