Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good Bye Quartzite--It was fun!

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

We decided to leave Quartzite yesterday.  There was another storm coming in and we'd visited everyplace we wanted to.  

I pulled out around 9 and Harry and Carlena were right behind us.  The weather forecast said the storm should arrive around 3 pm.  I hadn't pulled the 5th wheel in a long time because of cataracts.  It felt almost strange to be able to read the road signs so well.

There was a light rain on I 10 but not enough to make the road wet.  Just enough to keep turning the window shield wipers as slow as they can go.  

When we turned off to head to Gila Bend the sun came out.  There was no one at the dump station so we stopped and dumped.  In that short time, we started seeing dark clouds to our right and sunshine to our left.  

We were parked at Sundance before 2 and then the rain began.  Talk about good timing.  

I contacted Jan and Paul Kelpe to see what site they were in.  At that point we didn't want to go out again in the cold and rain and told them we'd catch up with them today.

They will be here three weeks, so we just drove them around town to show them where things are located.  I had a prescription I needed to pick up at Walmart and Jan needed a few things.

We drove over to the mall and to Sam's Club.  All of a sudden, Paul made a beeline down an aisle yelling, "This is perfect for Rondo."
What do you think, Ron?  I know Paul would have the resources to provide the hot air to blow it up.  

We ended up having lunch in Casa Grande's most expensive restaurant--a hot dog in Sam's Club.  

It was a fun day with those two and we're looking forward to spending more time with them.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Quartzsite is always fun, glad you enjoyed it.

    1. It's the freedom and the people that make it so much fun.

  2. It's the people and your friends that we enjoy. Sorry we didn't get out to see you two.

  3. At least you are further South. I will be going up to Quartzsite on Saturday for the big tent and the Blogger-Fest. Kill two birds with one road trip.

  4. We're not going to attend the Blogger Fest. We're don't stay more than 10 days because we run low on water. We did the big tent this past Saturday.

  5. Just right for Paul to float down the Rio Grande! You are correct that Paul has the hot air alright! Will be in contact with you later since we are having problems with internet here in Benson! Rondo

    1. Since we'll be along the Colorado River, maybe we'll let him float down that.


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