Sunday, January 15, 2017

Quartzite Day 1

Quartzite, AZ

We left Casa Grande around 7:45 am with Bill behind the wheel.  I know, I said I was going to drive since my cataract surgery, but it did look like rain.  Matter of fact, it rained pretty hard around Gila Bend but by the time we were on I 10 the weather cleared up.

Harry and Carlena left from Mesa about the same time.  Our plan was to meet them at the TA Truck Stop in Tonopah.  I picked that spot instead of the rest area because they had a huge truck parking area and the last time the rest stop was full with no place to park.  You wouldn't believe how full the truck stop was and of course, there was plenty of parking at the rest area. 

 Harry and Carlena arrived ahead of us and he was wearing a Pittsburgh Steeler hat.  He liked my Steeler sweatshirt. 

 We had an appointment at the satellite shop at 1 but we were early.  We dropped the fifth wheel and took them over to the Montana Circle of the Wagons.  Since this was their first time we stopped and registered for the BLM land and then showed them how to drive down the rope to park.

We went back over to the satellite shop and found out that Carol had to go to Phoenix and the other worker was tied up for awhile.  We decided not to wait and made arrangements for them to come out to the BLM land tomorrow.

The circle looks very large now, but it will be amazing how quickly it fills in.  The Circling of the Wagons doesn't officially start until Tuesday.

Dave and Betsy have a new addition to their family.  

Why were we all sitting in the shade?

Curtis has a lot of Alaska information to share with us.

 Turtle Safely......


  1. Have too much fun here in Quartzsite, yes why were you sitting in the shade?

  2. Hope everything works out OK on the satellite. Have fun at Quartzite. We've never been.

  3. There's no way of describing it. You'll either love it or hate it.

  4. Have fun Hopefully we'll see you in Havasu. My mom is in the hospital again...sigh. Plans are to head south February 6.

    1. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Hopefully, you'll be able to travel. We were all talking about Winter Blast at Happy Hour.


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