Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quartzite Day 3--Calendar, clock challenges.

Quartzite, Arizona
Montana Circling of the Wagons

We've been very busy.  Yesterday we had an appointment with the satellite shop.  They were going to come out on the BLM land but once we found out we had an appointment with RV Lifestyles at 1 pm we told the satellite shop we'd stop after the other appointment.  I was surprised how busy both places were.  By the time we returned, it was about 4:30.  We pulled back in and set up and ran inside to change into warmer clothes.  I'd received an e-mail from Dennis Hill who said there would be a Loosey Goosey meeting at 5:30.  We had Carlena and Harry grab their chairs and we drove over to the meeting.  Guess what?  No Dennis and no Carol,we were only two days early.  We ended up going to Silly Al's while we were out.  Anyone that knows me, knows I'm calendar challenged.  I also have a problem with time.  

This morning I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 7:15.  We decided to get up and made the bed and came downstairs to turn on the coffee pot.  Bill looked at his watch and it said 5:15.  I have a few of those atomic clocks that never seem to be in the right time zone.  The one by the bed is two hours off, but I forgot to subtract the two hours.  The other clock in the bedroom is three hours difference.  We went back upstairs and went back to bed.

Harry and Bill are waiting for Dave to arrive, as he's going to help then with their metal detectors.  

Harry and Carlena drove us over to Tyson Wells.  It's only about half full of vendors.  They enjoyed walking through, and bought stuff that all first timers pick up.  We picked up a gold pan, which with all the gold we'll find in Alaska, should help finance the trip.  Do you really believe that?

Look who we ran into at Tyson Wells.  It's Don Smith.

No sooner had we returned to the circle than a car pulled up.  It was Nick and Jeanne.  Isn't this a great photo of them?

Mary and Glen Strom arrived with their dog Nikki.  She and Boo got along just fine.  

It was a perfect day for the Meet and Greet.  Not windy at all.  The Canadians were in shorts, we were in sweatshirts.  
 Curtis and Stephanie made all the announcements.  There were many first timers in attendance.

Everyone brought some delicious food.  

Jim Fischer's birthday was today and we all toasted him Happy Birthday.  Not sure if Jim could hear us from the East coast, but he was thought of.

  Turtle Safely...........


  1. At least you are keeping busy there, keep having fun.

    1. It's better to do stuff before the crowds for the big tent.

  2. Replies
    1. It's suppose to get a chance of rain later this week.


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