Saturday, January 21, 2017

Quartzite Day 7

Quartzite, AZ
BLM Land

Yesterday was cloudy and cold.  Harry and Carlena joined us while we walked the "flea" markets.  Bill always enjoys the junkie stuff at flea markets.  Of course, we also went back to Tyson Wells for things we didn't pick up the first time through.  There were more vendors open even though the weather wasn't as good.

The Montana Owners had a potluck scheduled but since the weather forecast was for rain around 5 pm, it was rescheduled.  

Dave came over and gave a private seminar on metal detectors to Bill and Harry.  It's not as easy as pushing the on/off button and walking around with it.  Dave answered a lot of questions and the next thing I knew they were outside practicing.

The wind was blowing and the temperatures were in the 50's.  

I took these photos from inside the warm coach.  
These aren't your normal blue skies of Arizona.  I must say that boon docking in Quartzite hasn't been bad since we got our propane heater.  How did we ever manage all the years without one?  We just run it on low, or it will run you out of here.  

The rain started about 5 pm but I don't think we had as much here as in the Phoenix area.  It didn't last long.

Today the sun was shining and we were going to show the Schoolcraft's the Desert Bar but Bill wanted to visit the Big Tent today.  One call to Harry and Carlena and they were ready to go to the tent.  

Harry found a great parking place that was easy to get into and out of.  There were cars everywhere you could park them.  

This was the first trip we took to the truck to unload our loot.  I did get a lot of information on Alaska.  Harry and Carlena were like Bill and I the first time we came to the tent.  We actually only bought two chairs and renewed our Passport America.  Of course a trip to the Big Tent isn't complete without a stop for ice cream.  

I always rate the vendors on their giveaways but this had to be the best one.
There was even a women's version.
It's a little blurry, but it says "headache relief".

Mac McCoy had told us that the Big Tent booths were $400 more than last year.  

John and Gayle came over and visited with us when we returned.  It started getting windy and we hadn't eaten so we went inside to get dinner.  We ended up skipping happy hour.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. The weather here in El Paso is terrible. Tons of rain and winds up to 40 mph.
    Now what will they think of next? Viagra at an RV

    1. I'm sure it's a mint on the inside, but I haven't opened up the Viagra.

  2. Could be worse...we've had a foot of "white shit" today. I'm soooo over winter.

    1. Hope your Mom is doing better. I told Gayle and John about her. We're looking forward to the Blast.

  3. We got the tent done early as well. Love our propane heater you , it does an amazing job for us anytime of the year.

    1. I don't know how we ever managed without the heater.

  4. Looks like Quartzsite weather is worse than Yuma weather. You are still having fun though. I miss the ice cream.

    1. It's still been fun, we just go in earlier in the evening.

  5. What is the name of your propane heater that you like so much? Thanks


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