Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Beary Great Day!

Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Triple G Hideaway RV Park and Campground

It was another beautiful day, so I suggested  to Bill he could get a chance to see the scenery and I'd drive.  The plan when we began today was to travel to Pink Mountain which would have been about 140 miles and stay at Sikanni River Campground.   

The Dawson Creek Visitor Center told us not to miss the Kiskatinaw River Bridge.  It's on the Old Alaska Highway.   Sue Valentine reminded us on Facebook and she also gave the weight limit converted to pounds.

I waited for Harry and Carlena to drive over it before I started across.  Bill jumped out and took a picture as I drove over it.

It's hard to believe they managed to build that bridge in eight months, in the same amount of time as the Alaska Highway was built.  
There was an area where we could park and walk back across the bridge.

Notice the curves in the wooden bridge?

It is really banked like a race track.

This bridge is now 75 years old.  It puts true meaning in the words, they don't make them like they used to.

Yes, Bill is in short sleeves.

We had a great time, checking out the bridge, but there's more up the road to see.

I was following Harry today.  I must say I didn't go down those 10% grades as fast as Harry.  

When you finally get out of that part of the steep grades, then you get to drive across a steel grated bridge.

The rest area had the cleanest rest rooms I've ever seen in a rest area.  

We were making good time and enjoying the drive so we talked about going a little further than Pink Mountain.  
With full fuel tanks, we can relax and go a little further.  These were the first self serve fuel stations we used.  

At this point we decided to go ahead and drive to Fort Nelson which was about 90 miles down the road.  

Bill took over the driving and we headed to Fort Nelson.  

Earlier in the day we saw two large wolves.  But I was getting discouraged about not seeing a bear.  It made our day when we saw these three bears.

As soon as we were parked at Triple G Hideaway we got out a bucket and cleaned some of the dirt of the coaches.  It didn't take long before both coaches were looking better.  With four of us working on them, it went so much quicker.

I've had our Direct TV using the Spokane feed.  I wasn't able to get it here but thankfully, the park has cable here.  

Harry was surprised when Bill said he never tried a corn dog.  The next thing we knew, Carlena had a big platter of them prepared.  

Boo has good table manners but she really sticks close to Bill.

After dinner we walked up to the camp store which has a restaurant. It was time for deeeesert as Ed Allard would say. We settled for sundaes.

Bill loved the bar stools which were saddles.

It was a long day and we all plan to sleep in tomorrow.

We looked at these sweatshirts in Dawson City but found them here for $27.00 (US).

Since this is the 75th anniversary year, we wanted a souvenir.  

We were worried about meeting up with the other Loosey Goosey members at the hot springs, but we're right on schedule.

Turtle Safely...........


  1. Looks like you are enjoying the journey and seeing the sights, keep having fun.

  2. We didn't see that bridge! Surely I would remember! Glad you did!

    1. We would have passed up the turnoff if we didn't know about. 17.8 miles north of Dawson and it takes you right back on the Alcan.

  3. Reliving our trip to Alaska via your adventures. Loving it!
    By the way... we just came down a 17% grade as we pulled into Percé, Quebec on the Gaspé Peninsula on Thursday. 17%. WOW!

    Have fun!

    1. I don't care how good the brakes are, those steep ones are scary.

  4. Boo knows who the soft touch is. So much fun to see the bears. You are seeing some awesome scenery and wildlife.

  5. Looks like the weather is getting better. Enjoy!!!

    1. Yes it is. We found our first mosquitoes but they just fly around and didn't bite.

  6. Great pictures!! You are whetting our appetites.

  7. Been following your blog for a long time, great writing and beautiful pictures! Going up the Highway next year. We are using you as our pathfinders. Would you please post where you are filling up with fuel? It would help with our planning. Thank you. Richard


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