Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Day Spent in Butte

Butte, Montana
2 Bar Lazy H RV Park

Harry, Carlena, Bill and I rode into town to find a barber shop.  You'd think this would be an easy task.  Anyone that's been a reader for awhile knows that Bill won't go into a hair salon.  He wants a barber pole outside and a barber with gray hair is a plus.  

The first place didn't open until 10 am.  The second barber shop had one person in the chair, but takes appointments only.  Finally after finding the third barber shop, Bill got a haircut.

There were a few items we needed in Walmart and the Dollar Store.  

Harry stopped for diesel at Flying J and we saw this man spraying off the pigs in this truck.  It was really getting warm so we're figuring he was cooling them off, or maybe cleaning his truck.

When we returned to the park, we watched Harry and Carlena clean their fifth wheel.  Bill went over and topped off our diesel tanks and when he pulled back into the RV park he told Harry that shiny front nose of their fifth wheel almost blinded him.

It was another beautiful day and we all just busied ourselves outdoors when we returned.  We both charged the water softeners.  Bill put 303 on the rubber slide out seals.  

Here's the other item we installed. 

I was disappointed to hear one couple in the Loosey Goosey gang has cancelled their trip to Alaska.  

Tomorrow will be our last stop in the United States.  Do you think we'll be recognized as part of the Loosey Goosey gang when they see the orange?
Turtle Safely.........


  1. Glad to see you aren't wearing coats. That is a good thing. Did you get the part you needed in Butte?

  2. I sure hope the weather warms up for you guys. You're going to LOVE it. Take lots of pictures and stop for every animal on the side of the road. They're amazing!!!


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