Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Small Hitch and Delay

Grande Prairie, Alberta
Camp Tamarack RV Park

Last night we all visited for awhile and decided to check out the town today around 9:30.  Harry didn't want his photo taken.

Harry suggested he drive today since his truck wasn't as dirty as ours.  Actually it's because his is much larger than ours.

I think Bill won the prize for the dirtiest truck.

Our plan for the day was to visit the Visitors Center, Costco, Walmart, fuel up the truck and maybe stop at the Grande Prairie Museum which had a special exhibit on Freemasons. 

First stop was the Visitor's Center.  It was very nice and the girls there were very helpful.
Carlena and I checking out the World's Largest Sundial at the Visitor's Center.

They had a lower level free museum.  I was immediately surprised how well done it was.  

When you walked into the room, the head on this creature moved.

Bill reads every line and never misses anything in a museum.

Bill showed me the motion detector in the eye that made it move.

Another Tipi but this one is made of hides.  You can actually smell the hides.

You can actually crawl into the Tipi up to the rope to see the inside exhibits.

I find that the bark canoes were made a lot better than what you see on TV. 

There was this smaller version to demonstrate how it is made, but there was a life size one above this exhibit.

I found this story about Sgt. Anderson really interesting especially considering the time period.  He got his man.  Click on the photo to enlarge it to be able to read the story.

Carlena told me about this room I missed.

Chuckwagon races were not all about racing the wagons. They had to hitch up and put away their camp.  In the end the one who lit the campfire first was the winner. 

Visiting foreign countries you always find different things.  How do you like the little containers of candy in the vending machine? 

This is the view from the third floor observation area.

We were just walking out to go to the truck, when Harry and Carlena walked back in to say, the truck wouldn't start. If you ever get a chance to see what all Harry carries in his truck, you'll be amazed.  

Harry said the truck wasn't getting any fuel so he changed both fuel filters. Unfortunately, that didn't help.

Bill and decided to take a cab back to the campground and bring our truck back.  After the cab ride, we returned with our truck and took him to the Ford garage.  They had a fuel pump but it had the whole housing with it.  Harry called another place and they could save him a couple of hundred dollars.  Bill drove Harry over to the store to order the part which will arrive tomorrow.

We stopped back at the Visitor's Center to let them know the truck will be there overnight. 

Since Costco was nearby, we stopped to pick up a couple of items.  It's interesting to see all the different foods they carry here that we don't have in the States.

We stopped in the office to see about staying another day. Oops, we forgot it is Victoria day.  The weather forecast is calling for great weather and all these Canadians have been cooped up all winter.  Our sites have been rented for months and we have to leave by 11 am.  We were told there are no sites available in town.  

Harry and Carlena came over to discuss some options.  Boo gave her opinion too.  It looks like the Dodge will be pulling two different rigs tomorrow.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  

By the way, Carlena's blog is Red White and Boo.  Check it out.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Harry and I should get together. Between the two of us we probably carry a parts store.
    Not having any luck getting to their Blog yet. Can you post a Link.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I still can't figure this out to link it.


  4. I tried to add the link but it doesn't look like it worked for me either!

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  6. This is like a cliff-hanger! Anxiously waiting the next installment!

  7. the difference in the food available in Canada and the US is interesting and we enjoy the changes during the year, this is one major holiday weekend in Canada enjoy your time wherever you go.

    1. Are there any Canada only foods, we should try?

  8. Oh dear. So sorry to read about Harry's truck. What timing. Hope y'all found a safe place to park for a day or two.


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