Saturday, May 13, 2017


Calgary, Alberta
Calgary West Campground
Last night the four of us talked about whether to stay another day or not in Fort Macleod.  
Fort Macleod was less than a mile away and we figured we could go tour it and be back before 11 am checkout.

Monday through Friday they are open from 9-5.  So what time do you figure they open on Saturday?  We'd have to wait until June.

We would have enjoyed the North West Mounted Police.

We headed back to pick up the fifth wheels.
The winds were blowing but the sun was shining.  I noticed that there were permanent signs warning of the winds along the highway.

Everyone seems so friendly and happy.  Even this barn is happy.

There was some construction around Calgary.  Let's just say we weren't familiar with the way the traffic patterns go.  I had Bill turning before he should have.  I think the meters and kilometers are messing me up.  

We eventually arrived at Calgary West RV Park.  We were given side by side sites, but were instructed incorrectly on how to enter the sites.  

Next door to the park is the Canada Olympic Park.  It was early and we had time to go check it out.
We toured Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

The first thing we saw was this statue of Wayne Gretsky.  

It took a while before we started pushing the interactive buttons.

I don't think I'd be a candidate for the rowing team.

Carlena is a natural athlete.

It wasn't just a rowing machine as it pivoted from side to side.

 There was a military exhibit that showed sports during the wars.

This communication phone was invented in Winnipeg for WW1.

I thought the Penguin fans out there would enjoy Mario Lemieux.

This was an interactive machine that shows you what a goalie sees and how quickly he needs to react.  It was exhausting.

Bill really got into it.

These photos are for Bud Walsh.  I'm sure we'd be material for the long jump and Bud could teach us. 

Look at that form.

Bill is landing after a record long jump.
It looks easy, but it isn't.

These items were all encased in the floor.  I don't think I could do the snowboarding.
I was amazed that this fencing outfit wouldn't stop a sword.

When we exited the Hall of Fame we walked across the street.

There was a beautiful ice rink.

We watched them play and before you knew it, we were into the game.

We found the game seemed much more exciting when we sat behind the players.

The players were all good sports when the game was over.

Do you think we're having fun?  
No, it doesn't take two to pump diesel, but I thought you'd appreciate the posted prices.  Even getting fuel was an adventure.

Tomorrow is Banff.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Welcome to Canada. We stayed at that RV park in Fort MacLeod. Looks like we are going to have to wait to see you in Arizona. Have fun.

  2. Welcome to expensive Canada, looks like you are enjoying some interesting sightseeing. The metric system in Canada even takes us some getting used to as well especially after spending 6 months in the USA every winter.

  3. I'm using a conversion app on the phone and I find the prices to be about the same. This park in Calgary would have been more in the US with a great location near a big city.

  4. You could always meet us in Jasper.

  5. We missed the sports museum. Thanks for the picture of #66. Let's go Pens!!!

  6. Hope you survive the Expensive Fuel Prices but other then that Welcome to Canada.
    Weapons are illegal to carry in Canada but something that is just as effective is a can of Wasp Spray.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. We stayed the first time in Calgery at the same RV park. Lots to see in Calgary; you will need to return. Walk through the Banff Springs Hotel; old, beautiful and expensive. If you travel to Jasper, enjoy. And if you continue to Lake Louise, check out the Chateau Lake Louise and the lake it is on...breathting. Enjoy enjoy and enjoy. Lynn Cross

  8. I love the barn.
    Great museum. I really like all the interactive machines.


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