Saturday, May 27, 2017

Liard Hot Springs Day 2

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park

Our second day at the Hot Springs was another perfect day.

We were told that the road ahead has some construction, so Harry installed the bug screen on our truck.  Thanks, Harry.

Here's Mark's site.  He did have a little sun.

Dennis and Carol were across the road.

Harry and Carlena had a nice site--next to the pit toilets.

Here's the self serve station at the Liard Hot Springs Lodge. Fuel is about 75 cents per liter higher here than in Watson Lake.

Yep, we're back in the hot springs.

The boardwalk leads to the Hanging Gardens.

This end is the hottest.  There are three areas that vary in the temperature.

This is the hottest end and there is a stack of rocks where you stack a rock to show you went in the hottest section. 

This photo is taken from the boardwalk to the Hanging Gardens.

The hanging gardens were pretty, but I can imagine later in the year it would look much prettier.

Who's that guy off the beaten path?

The boardwalk to the springs goes through this marshy area.  We were very surprised that there were no mosquitoes. 

Briggs and Ann were in Watson Lake and drove down for the Loosey Goosey gathering.  

Margaret and Charlie arrived and joined happy hour.

Everyone left at 6 pm so they could turn on their generators.

Another great day!

Turtle Slowly.......


  1. Enjoying Beautiful BC and the hit springs looks wonderful, nice to bugs there for you.

  2. Glad some of the others caught up with you. Fun times!


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