Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mark’s Birthday

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park

Verizon finally caught up to me and is now limiting me to a half gig of data before it slows it down to a snails pace.  I’m so far behind, I’ll try and catch up on this blog.

We went to breakfast at the Lodge and it was OK.  It was nice to visit with Ann and Briggs and Carlena and Harry in a smaller group.  How can you mess up breakfast?

I thought this sign tells you what it must be like when it rains.

Remember this is Hot Springs Lodge which is across the street from the park.

They provide everyone with a place to put their muddy shoes.

Bill and I were warned that the road gets worse up ahead so we tried to put some protection on the front of the coach where the mud had been accumulating.  

I guess if we had dually tires like Harry we wouldn’t have had a problem.

Another soak in the hot springs and then it was almost time for dinner.  

Bill stacked another rock in the pile where the hottest water comes out.

Time to head back for Happy Hour.

Bill told everyone that strange things happened in that magical hot water.

Mark checked out our rock guard.

Mark was fixing some kind of Mexican stew.  We enjoyed happy hour in anticipation of having that stew at 5 pm. 

It was worth waiting for.  Mark had a huge pot and it’s a good thing because people were having seconds. 

I think there were 15 rigs, with two of those being solos.

Mark promised to share his great recipe.

Mark even gave us instructions on how we could eat the meal.  I had mine over rice.

Notice all the orange Loosey Goosey shirts?

After the delicous meal we all went back for another dip in the springs.

With it being light so many hours, we didn't have to worry about getting cold on the walk back.

We went back to the coach and just listened to our Johnny Goodrum CD’s.  There is no such thing as TV service this far north.  We'd partied out and skipped the campfire.

The following morning was our last day at the springs.  We just totally relaxed spending time in the hot springs.  Everyone was talking about what direction they were going in and what they wanted to see. 

Carlena and I are plotting our next days travels.  Some people keep asking us which way we are going.  We just don't know until the night before.

Bill sat outside reading a book and watching the squirrels. He was on the opposite side of the picnic table in the only three foot square of sun we had through the trees.  Carlena and I were checking our brochures on places to see.  Bill came over and said we had a squirrel in the rig.  We  have a roll of of paper towels in the basement and it was chewed up.  He could see the squirrel take the paper back over into the woods.  I brought Boo over to check and make sure the squirrel was gone.

Cathie and Bud Carr made a cake for Mark’s 60th birthday. I loved how they decorated it in moose poop. 

Another fun evening.

Our last night here.  Hard to believe we were here four days.

The following morning the weather was great once again.  Thank you weather gods.  

Less than 200 miles and we were in Watson Lake.  We saw bears and bison  along the way.  I'll start posting our wildlife photos at the end of the blog.

As we pulled into the Visitor Center, there was Mark, Dennis and Carol and next to them was Margaret and Charlie. We chatted for awhile and I gave Dennis a couple of ginger ales to hopefully settle his stomach. 

We went across the street and checked in at the Tempo RV park.  After we were set up we went back to the sign forest.

Pictures just can't describe this place. 

What a surprise when I saw the sign Chris and Charles Yust posted.

It doesn't show well in this photo but they have a locomotive with their name and year.

Once Harry had his up we weren't tall enough to get ours above his sign.

We found a pole for our sign that was at a safer height for us.

Guess who we saw there? Gary and Stacey who we met in Dawson Creek and also joined us in Liard Hot Springs.

There were 83,000 plus signs in 2016.

If you ever come to Alaska you must see the sign forest.

Are we having fun yet?

We went inside the Visitor Reception Center and who walks in but Dana.

There was a nice free display on the Alaska Highway and also a nice video.

We've learned to stop at each visitor center.

I guess I forgot to mention that we are now in the Yukon.  Look at what they gave us in the visitor center.  They opened every brochure and highlighted things for us.

Converted to US dollars the price of this park with full hook ups was $29.67.

Here's the animal shots and this will probably do it for my WIFI for the day.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Take time to breathe. I can sense the excitement in your words.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What a wonderful adventure! We have a sign somewhere in the Sign Forest. And OMG! I love the moose droppings birthday cake, that is hilarious!!!


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