Saturday, May 13, 2017

Out of the Country

Fort Macleod, Alberta
Daisy May RV Park

Yesterday we left Shelby and traveled the short distance to the border crossing.  One class C was the only other vehicle at the border.  There was a sign to stop until the booth was empty.  

The class C was there for a minute of two and then pulled off into a parking lot.  We've heard so many stories about people that have had a hard time crossing.  

When Bill pulled up we were told to turn off the engine.  Bill handed our passports to the border agent and he asked us our license plate number.  We were asked if we had any firearms, pepper spray or tasers.  He asked if we had any alcoholic beverages on board and we said yes.  The big question was how long we planned to be in Canada.  We said anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.  He told us to enjoy our stay and away we went.  

We weren't sure where we should wait for Harry and Carlena but a short distance down the road we found a welcome to Alberta sign and before I could get a photo they pulled in.

We had our phones turned off because they were roaming so communicating was a problem.  We realized that the atlas we were using didn't have an Alberta map.

When we got to Letherbridge we stopped in Walmart and used their ATM to get Canadian money.  We also purchased a map of Alberta.  They didn't have a Canada map.

One man talked with us in the parking lot and told us all the RV parks were full.  We didn't have any place planned to stop for the night.  

There was construction at the entrance of highway 3 and  Bill managed to zig and zag and caught the road a few miles away.

When we went through Fort Macleod and saw the fort, Bill said that looked interesting.  I saw a campground sign and told Bill to pull in.  

It was $44 Canadian which using the app converted to about 32 for the 50 amp and water.

It started sprinkling after dinner when we went to the grocery store.  I was impressed with their prices.  Not bad at all.

We'll decide today what we are doing.  

Internet service is going to be the big obstacle for the trip.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Safe travels. Sounds like you are off to a good start.

  2. Good start. Have a grand time.

  3. What's the money conversion app you are using?


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