Monday, May 29, 2017

Teslin, Yukon

Teslin, Yukon
Yukon Motel & RV Park

Last night Bill and I went for a walk and found the Watson Lake Recreation Center.  It was closed.  Next door was a beautiful indoor pool which was also closed. 

Next door to the pool was the secondary school and next to that was a community college.

Every parking space had one of these posts to plug your car into during the winter.  Bill says he never wants to live anywhere you have to plug a car in to keep it warm.  

Our first totem pole since we've started this great adventure.

This morning was a little warm and we all complained about how warm it was during the night, but no one bothered to turn on their AC.

One thing I noticed between British Columbia and the Yukon is the roads.  In BC the sides of the roads are cleared way back.  In the Yukon they were only cleared to the shoulder of the road.

The local swim team placed rocks that said "P-Break" along the highway.  Since that time, many people have spelled out different signage.  Maybe these 150 miles will become as large as the sign forest.

We had 13 kilometers of road construction.  The area is so dry that the dust was bad, even though they were watering the road.

While this is pretty, we all felt this was the least scenic part of the trip so far.

We stopped at the Continental Divide rest area.  The Yukon can not come close to their rest stops as compared to the very clean BC ones.  

We pulled into the Yukon Motel RV a little before 1 pm.  It was $31.50 or converted to US dollars $26.91 for the night.

We asked about their famous cinnamon rolls while we paid for our site.  It seems this lady with Texas plates came in earlier and bought the last one.  Later I saw a picture of Carol Hill posted on Facebook walking out with the last cinnamon roll. 

Our site is facing the lake and Harry and Carlena have their back window facing Teslin Lake.

I've heard stories about stuff bouncing around in the coach on these roads.  Today we found proof.  I recline the rocking love seat to keep the chairs from rocking, but I never expected the end table to move into the middle of the living room.  

We hopped in Harry's truck to go see the three local museums.  The George Johnston Museum looked interesting but it was closed.

We weren't too disappointed as we still checked out the outdoor displays.  This was an original trading post.

We jokingly said at least there are cars here when we drove to the Tinglist Heritage  Centre.

I guess we shouldn't have joked about that as there was a sign on the door that they open June 1, seven days a week.

These totem poles were well done.  

No worries.  We still have the Wildlife Museum and it is open until 8 pm.  Even better is the fact that our paid fee for the RV park gives us free admission.  

These fellows were about the only creatures I saw today.  I did see a porcupine.

These displays were well done and gave us a chance to view them up close.

After smelling all the good smells from the restaurant, we decided to try it for dinner.  They had huge bowls of homemade soup as a side with your dinner.  Harry and I had fish and chips and it was delicious.

I love how they use this cut out of a police car to enforce speed through this little community.

When was the last time you remember fueling up without paying first?

Our plans were to go to Skagway for a fjord trip to Juneau and the Glacier and also whale watching.  We all changed our minds and have decided to change our direction.  

With an adventure like this, it's one day at a time.  Tomorrow we may change our mind again.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. You are seeing some interesting country, still a bit early in the season. Keep having too much fun.

  2. I look forward to each post, what you are seeing and doing at each stop. What s wonderful trip. Hope we can do this in a few years!

    1. Why put it off? Come on up now while the exchange rate is so great.

  3. There is always something new to see and everyone sees it differently.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I was going to say the same thing. You are a tad early in the season for everything to be open. No worries, you can stop at all those places on the way back. I agree with Bill ... I don't want to have to plug my car in to keep it warm!!!

    1. We love missing all the crowds. The parks aren't too full.

  5. When we were in Fairbanks is when I noticed the 'plugs' for the cars used in the winter. May be other cities along your Alaskan travels will take you on a fjord trip. We did an all day glacier boat trip out of Valdez. Enjoy. Lynn Cross

  6. When we were in Fairbanks is when I noticed the 'plugs' for the cars used in the winter. May be other cities along your Alaskan travels will take you on a fjord trip. We did an all day glacier boat trip out of Valdez. Enjoy. Lynn Cross

  7. I don't want to live some place where I have to plug my car in either.
    I love that photo of the mountains!


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