Monday, May 15, 2017

Visiting With Someone Famous

Hinton, Alberta 
Gateway RV Park

I called the Schoolcraft's this morning to see what they wanted to do.  Nobody wanted to get out of their jammies and get dressed, so we decided to relax and stay an additional day.  

It was another beautiful day.  Carlena and I drove down to the laundromat. Carol Hill had told us we needed loonies and toonies for the laundromat.  Unfortunately, I didn't know which was which.  The laundry had an attached convenience store and I asked the clerk which coin was a loonie.  She was very helpful and came back to ask if we needed any help in operating the machines.  

When we returned, the four of us went over to Canadian Tire to see if they had a sewer gate valve which we lost on the rough road going into Banff.  

They didn't have it, but the Home Hardware did have it. Carlena and I drove over to the grocery store which is only a block away and adjacent to near the Home Hardware.  

The guys called us to stop and pick up another part in the hardware store.  We made a third trip to the hardware after that one.  
In no time at all Harry had the gate valve installed better than it was before we lost it.

While the guys were outside, I tried to help Carlena get her hotspot working and also how to add pictures to her blog.  I know scary thought, me trying to show someone something on a computer.

I pulled out my computer to show Carlena something.  I noticed that Sue had posted that she was at Freson Bros grocery.  The one across the street from us that we made four trips to that parking lot.  

Carlena and I jumped in our truck and we went over to see Sue.  
We met Sue Valentine at some of the Loosey Goosey meetings in Tucson.  

Can you see the orange ribbon hanging from her mirror?

We brought Sue back over to our house because I knew Bill wanted to hear the story of her family.

Back in June 28, 2015 we visited the Arabi Steamboat Museum in Kansas City.  Her family owns the museum.  
The museum has a great video that explains the process of extracting all the artifacts.  When the video is over someone from the family comes out and answers any questions and walks through the museum with you. 

We had so many questions to ask Sue.  She called her Dad, Jerry, to tell him that we were fans.  I finally found the photos of our visit and Sue explained everything to Harry and Carlena who haven't visited it yet. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed visiting with Sue and talking on the phone with her dad.  

If you are interested in seeing the photos on the blog I posted, it is dated June 29, 2015 titled Why is Harry Mad at Us.  Hopefully, you can bring it up on the archive button.  I'll try and put the link here and see if it will work.;postID=4684266424897065417;onPublishedMenu=template;onClosedMenu=template;.  

If someone knows the correct way to do this, please let me know.  

Turtle Slowly........


  1. If you are composing your blog in in blogger, you can type in a word like HERE highlight it and on the tool bar you can click add link, so that when some clicks on the high;lighted word, it will take you to that link.

  2. Route 40 to Grand Prairie.

  3. You are not using a US data or hot spot in Canada are you? That will be VERY expensive.

    1. We have Canada and Mexico included in our plan.


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