Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beginning or Ending

Tok, Alaska
Three Bears Outpost RV Park

Bill led the way today heading the truck in the direction of Delta Junction.  When we arrived at the RV park where we planned to stay, the gate was closed.  Okay, no problem it’s only noon.  We had a team huddle and decided to forget Delta Junction and head into Tok. 

A trip to Alaska isn’t complete without the Mile 0 signpost at Dawson Creek and the end of the Alaska Highway signage in Delta Junction.  Although nearly everyday has been sunny on this trip, breezy was something we haven't experienced much since we crossed the border. 

Of course, we couldn’t resist this photo of the Alaska state bird. We've been so lucky that they haven't been a problem the entire time we've been in Alaska. 

While we’re taking photos, we thought you’d appreciate this coldest temperature recorded on January 6, 1975 in Delta Junction.  72 degrees below zero isn’t a record I’d brag about. 

Delta Junction also has some good views of the pipeline.  The pipeline is truly amazing.

The road had some frost heaves which wouldn’t have been so bad, if a motorhome wasn’t following so closely to our bumper.  Bill would slow down for him to pass, but he’d just slow down too.  There’s no need to travel that closely to someone on these roads.

As soon as we were unhitched we headed across the street to have dinner at Fast Eddy’s.  Bill and I were smarter this time.  We shared a sandwich and an order of mushrooms.  
We still had 24 huge mushrooms to take home .

I couldn’t believe this family across from us.  They had two cute girls somewhere between 8 and 12.  They were playing with their electronics the whole time at the table.  I looked at the parents and they were both engrossed in their cell phones.  No wonder so many people don’t have social skills anymore.  

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Do we head to the top of the world highway or do we go down the Alaska highway?  It’s looking like it might rain tonight.  No hurry, we can decide in the morning. 

Turtle Safely………


  1. Decisions, decisions, which way to go, do we see something new or go back to the same ole, same ole. Not knowing what the future holds enjoy the adventure while you are there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I'm hoping you decide to take the top of the world highway and stop in Chicken. You'll never be closer, and there's nowhere else like it. And Dawson City has a lot of interesting history that I think you'd enjoy seeing. I loved the historic buildings and quaint restaurants, including a Greek one. You've moved so fast on this trip, I can't believe you're already heading out! We spent more than 3 months on our trip and wished we could have stayed longer.


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