Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chance of 1 in 359 million

Great Falls, Montana
Dick's RV Park

I figured that combining the population of the United States and Canada would be the chance of meeting someone in another country on a street corner--1 in 359 million.  Maybe we should be buying lotto tickets.  Believe it or not, that's what happened yesterday.  

Bill, Harry, Carlena and I went to visit  Fort Macleod home of the Northwest Mounted Police.  I thought the museum would be outside and the girl at the admissions said it was also an inside museum.  I told Bill, I'd go back and get his regular glasses as he had his sunglasses on.  I knew he'd enjoy this museum and I didn't want him to miss anything because he couldn't read the signage.  

The truck was parked across the street.  I stood at the crosswalk ready to push the walk button and looked at the other side of the street.  There was Toni and Doug Laird standing on the corner.  I think I just stared not believing it was them.  

They were coming to the Fort to watch the Musical.  I was so glad I had my camera in my hand.  

I introduced them to Carlena and Harry and we climbed up on the bleacher in a shady section.  Hard to believe it was 46 degrees when we started out earlier in the day.

Toni and Doug are in the same park as we are, but in a higher rent area.  They have private views of the river.  She immediately said for the four of us to join them for dinner.  I'm not talking the next day, I'm talking about two hours later.  

Since we were in our truck and Schoolcraft's were in another, you know we were the last ones to leave the fort.

They had this young fellow do an inspection of the uniforms and horses.

I love the maple leaf design on both sides of the horse's rump.  I'm sure that's not what it is called by someone who's into horses. 

  Bill really enjoyed the exhibits at the fort.

Bill enjoyed talking with this girl about how she liked her job and what grade she was in.

When we left it was almost time to be at Toni and Doug's for dinner at 6 pm.  We walked over and I was in for another surprise.

Their motorhome is gorgeous. I know she posted photos and it looked nice, but wait until you see it in person.  It is so bright and light with strategically placed large windows.  Bill and I both love lighter wood than most RV's have and this one is just the right shade.  The floor plan just flows.  She even has a picture window by the bar.    

Well, if you know Toni, you know the meal was delicious. It was a delightful evening. Now if those surprises weren't enough, there's one more.

I knew that Doug had recently written and published his first book, Jumping Off, but I also knew that he made Toni keep it a secret.  During the evening, I didn't mention it because we had Carlena and Harry with us.   

I was shocked when Doug got up and gave me a copy of the book.  Not only did he give me the book, but he also autographed it.   He's also not shy about anyone knowing he's an author now.  You can buy your own copy on Amazon.  

Turtle Safely........                                                                   


  1. What a great coincidence meeting up with your friends on the street! I always say that RVing makes the world smaller. What part of the signing of his book did Doug require you to sit on his knee? Love it!

    1. I wanted a photo and it was the only place to sit.

    2. Rump is correct!!

      Such compliments. Thank you. We love it.

  2. What a fun time you guys had, so nice to run into friends in your travels.

  3. Meeting up with friends as a surprise - priceless.

  4. Seeing friends on the road is always great.

  5. Rump ... hind quarters ... butt ... you got it right!!!


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