Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Found More Than A Farmer's Market

Fairbanks, Alaska
River's Edge RV Park

The plan was to go to the Farmer's Market in the morning and then take the Riverboat Discovery in the afternoon.

Harry was at the wheel and I was giving him directions to the Farmer's Market.  As we were going down the road, we saw Dennis and Carol Hill going in the opposite direction and we all waved out the window. I tried calling him, but the call went to voice mail.  I'm sure he and Carol wanted to be by themselves after he hosted a Loosey Goosey gathering that lasted much longer than a day.  It was the longest we stayed in one spot since we've crossed the border.  Of course, I didn't mention that the Anderson park didn't have water at the sites which we found out after we were parked.  

The Farmer's Market actually had produce.  I guess we are getting used to the prices here.  I bought some small cucumbers which were about 4 inches long for a dollar a piece.  Carlena wanted some honey which was $65 a jar.  

Bob and Tammi were at the Farmer's Market.  We were surprised to see someone we knew here.  We told them we were doing the Riverboat Discovery today and the Dredge 8 tomorrow.  Tammi said she'd try and book the Dredge 8 tomorrow too.

These kids were wonderful.  I think the children up here really love music.  Look at the little one in the rubber boots listening to them.

We didn't need to be at the dock until 1:30 so we had a little time to kill.  The Great Alaskan Bowl company was nearby.

There was a plexiglas wall where you could view the workshop.

They were beautiful, but expensive.  You could have them engraved with pictures.  

Bill's happy that the visit only cost him $13 for a pickle fork. 

There are two riverboats and both of them looked filled to capacity.  I'm sure there were over 10 buses of tourists.  They were all pushing and shoving to get on the boat.  I just can't handle all those crowds.

We both took a turn at the photo spot.

I guess it doesn't look too real when you are in shorts.

Harry is missing his dogs.

The first thing we encountered on the boat ride was a float plane that took off and landed on the Chena River.

These were the kennels of the late Susan Butcher, who was famous for the Iditarod with her dog Granite.

They were trying to encourage the puppies to like the water.

These reindeer were very large but in a pen.
We stopped for a walking tour of an Athabascan Indian Village.  The guides were very good.

It was about 75 degrees, so I'm sure she was very warm in this $20,000 coat.

It was nice but we all agreed if we would have done this riverboat cruise earlier in the trip, we wouldn't have gone to the sled dog place in Palmer and Carcross.  We also did a couple of Athabascan villages and the Reindeer Farm.  This was great for a little synopsis of Alaska but we preferred the more in depth things we've already seen.  We had the buy one get one free coupon or we probably wouldn't have taken this.  

Turtle Safely..........


  1. You are sure getting around and seeing lotsa things. great photos.

  2. Nice post. The Chena Hot Springs is very neat if you are into that.

  3. A $13.00 pickle fork, good for you Bill.

  4. I, too, found the Alaskan Bowl Company expensive. Lynn Cross

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