Saturday, July 29, 2017

Friends and Dogs

Sheridan, WY
Peter D's RV Park

Our visit with Jim and Sandie Dixon was worth the detour we made to get there even though we didn't spend a lot of time with them.

Yesterday we rode into Helena to go to Costco but we didn't get an early start.  We talked about getting the tires rotated and that's all we did is talk about. The temps were suppose to get to 90 degrees.  You have to realize that we just put the Mr. Buddy heater away.  We've been in much cooler weather all summer and this heat really hit us. By the time we finished in Costco we were both ready to head home and cool off. 
Sandie invited us to dinner around 4:30 or 5.  Naturally, we were at their door at 4:30.  We came in and sat around for a little bit.  Skittlez tried to jump up on the seat beside me, and slipped off.  Rocky Joe then jumped Skittlez. Rocky Joe, doesn't leave Jim's side at all so I was surprised.  Jim picked Rocky Joe up and he cried out in pain.  He's been having trouble with his foot, and the way he was holding it, I thought it was broken.  You could tell he was in a lot of pain. At this point, we all agreed Sandie needed to call the vet.  She got on the phone trying to find one that was available.  She finally found one that was closing soon.
We got up to leave and Sandie insisted that we take a plate of her chicken pot pie home with us.  I knew they were in a hurry, but I dished some out fast and we hurried out.  It really smelled good and I was glad I took the time as it tasted as good as it smelled.

Sandie called the minute they left the vet office to say Rocky has arthritis everywhere.  I felt so sorry for him, because you knew he was in pain.  Hopefully, now that the problem has been diagnosed medication will help him.

We said our "see 'ya's" last night as we headed down the road very early this morning.  Our plan was to try and make it to 7th Ranch in Garryowen.   

I drove today to give Bill a break from all the driving he's done.  We took highway 12 from Townsend over to highway 89.  If anyone wants to know what the roads are like on the Alaska highway, just drive highway 12.

There were many areas, where the fires have recently burned.  Last night we had some terrible winds in the middle of the night.  All I could think of was what it would do for the fires.  Luckily, after it blew, it did rain just a little.  Not enough to wet the ground, but there were some sprinkles.  

Once I got down to I 90 the road was in great condition.  I know, we don't usually take the interstate but we've been over these roads before, and there wasn't anything we wanted to stop and see.  The book we were listening to was very good and before I knew it, I was driving through Billings.  I pulled into the rest area before Little Big Horn and asked Bill if he felt like riding a little longer.  It was 100 miles or so to Sheridan and we stayed at Peter D's in the past so I knew where to stay.  Once we hit the Wyoming state line, the road wasn't as good of condition as in Montana.  It was just one of those good driving days.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. So glad you got a little visit in with Sandie and Jim. Sorry for the dog though.

  2. We drove highway 12 this summer coming across Montana, narrow but little traffic.

    1. The section we were on was torn up and replaced with gravel.

  3. Good love those good driving days, making great time.

    1. I hadn't driven in such a long time, I was really enjoying it.


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