Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hard to Say "See Ya"

Great Falls, Montana
Dick's RV Park

Last night Harry, Carlena, Bill and I drove to Black Eagle for dinner.  There was an advertisement for 3D Mongolian Grill along with a coupon for a free dessert.  It was our last dinner together before we both went in different directions.  None of us were too sure when we walked in but it didn't take long before we were all very happy.  

Our meals included a huge salad and a bowl of soup and a choice of a side.  I ordered fried chicken and it was a half chicken.  Bill and Harry both agreed their chicken fried steak was excellent.  Carlena ordered a salmon salad and hers even came with soup.  The meals were delicious and our desserts to go were exceptional.

This morning they headed out for a family function in Oklahoma.  It was difficult to say goodbye but we already have plans to hook up again.  I didn't realize how attached to Boo we've become.  We'll miss her coming over in the morning to let us know she's up.  

Harry and Carlena had a present for Bill wrapped in the pages of the atlas that we travelled.  Bill's birthday isn't until the 30th but he was really surprised to uncover a collection of Louis L'Amour audio books.  

He's been looking at that collection all day.  I have a feeling when we leave in the morning, the book we've been reading won't get finished. 

And away they went.  Safe travels to you and thanks for making our Alaska trip a memorable one.  

Bill and I left to visit the CM Russell Museum but it didn't open until 10 am so we drove over to the dam.  It was early, so we stopped to revisit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

It's a great place and even though it's been awhile since we saw it, we enjoyed the visit.  

One more stop at an observation point for a view of the falls.

This museum is much larger than it looks from the outside.  It's definitely a place that you want to do early in the morning without doing anything else.  

There was a whole gallery on Browning guns.  Bill really appreciates the talent that is required to do the gold engraving.  

The downstairs galleries had a huge exhibit on the role of the bison.  

This was the bar that was in the Mint Saloon where Russell displayed much of his artwork in Great Falls.

Here's the hearse that was used for his funeral.

We finally said we were on overload and couldn't take in anymore.  

There were many statues outside that we viewed before we realized we missed two more important places.

Here's his cabin that was built out of telephone poles.

This was the original residence but we didn't get a chance to see inside as it was closed for renovation.  I must say I wasn't disappointed that we couldn't tour it.

It was a busy day and somehow we managed to find a barber shop with a barber pole and a barber with grey hair before we returned home.

Turtle Safely........


  1. You are moving right along enjoying more fun places.

  2. Russell Museum is one of our favorites.

  3. I'm certain there is an empty feeling now that you and the Schoolcrafts have gone your separate ways after enjoying your Alaska trip together. That means you'll have more stories to catch up on when you get back together.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Ah ha a chance to say Bin There Done That. Not too often with you guys.


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