Monday, July 31, 2017

Making Progress

Casper, Wyoming
Casper East RV Park

What a day!  When we woke up this morning, we still hadn't decided what to do.  I checked the internet and found a repair shop that opened at 7:30.  The plan was to drive over to the shop and see if they could take us today.  If they couldn't we'd have them schedule an appointment for us at their other store in Casper. 

We arrived at the repair shop at exactly 7:30.  The man told us they'd check it out as soon as his mechanic arrived.  The mechanic came out a little while later and said there was a hole in our compressor.  Of course the warranty from last year wouldn't cover that.  We had a rock shield on, but this one came below the bottom of it.  

He told us the repair would cost $417.  We told them to rotate the tires and check the wheel bearings while they were working on it.

We walked down the street to Perkin's and had breakfast.  Bill and I walked through Walmart and Ace hardware and then walked back to the shop.  The truck was done at 10:15.  As soon as we paid the bill of $417, we headed back to the RV park.  Check out was 11 am and we were told that was strictly enforced.  At 10:30 the RV park was calling to see if we were staying over.  I told them we were on our way back to hitch up.  Of course, this was a day that we had to dump our tanks.  We still managed to be hitched up and pulling out the exit at 10:50.  

I'm sure the rock damage was done when we left Winston on highway 12 that was torn up and gravelled.  

As we left Sheridan, the road deteriorated.  Montana interstates weren't bad, but Wyoming's are horrible.  By the time we arrived in Casper, all we could think of was leaving this state. 

We had planned to stay two nights here, but changed our mind.  Once we were set up, we drove over to the Historic Trail Interpretive Center. When we saw these beautiful full size bronzes, we knew this was going to be good.

Most all of the western trails went through this area.  The center was high up on a bluff.  I'm getting excited but surprised that only two other cars are in the parking lot.

Yep, you guessed it.  It's Monday and they are closed.

They might be closed, but we could check out the pony express station that wasn't locked up.

Fort Casper Museum wasn't far away and we found it open until 4:30.  Could Bill do a museum in an hour and a half?  

The buildings were so realistic, you'd think you stepped back into the 1860's. There were even dirty socks on a bed.

I know where all the soldiers would spend their time and money.  I can just about picture them lined up at the bar.

After we finished the outdoor segments, we went inside to a very nice museum covering Wyoming and Casper.

The high school band is called the Troopers.  Don't you love their uniforms.  There was a video that showed the Troopers performing at a bowl game.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. You've got to have air-conditioning. Push on.

    1. Glad we were able to get it repaired so quickly. In CG it would have taken a week to get into a shop.

  2. Glad you got your Air Conditioner fixed but I'm thinking you meant the Condenser Coils that are mounted near the Radiator. That was probably damaged by a passing vehicle on a gravel road that threw a stone up just on time for you to hit it. Try getting a Grill Screen to protect your cooling system.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You might be right. I was in such a hurry to leave I was just hearing that it was done. We put a bug screen on but it needed to be secured on the bottom.

  3. Nice to get that repair done so quickly and reasonable.


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