Sunday, July 16, 2017

Running from the Fires

Steward, British Columbia
Bear River RV Park

Yesterday we traveled from Iskut to Steward.  The road was in better condition as it even had a line down the middle.  The longest stretch of gravel was about 40 miles.  The scenery was gorgeous with mountain tops and glaciers.  There weren't many vehicles that passed us.  We spotted three different bears, a porcupine, wolf, and wolverine.  

We have TV and cell phone service in Steward, a large town of 500 people.  This gave us the opportunity to check the news and emails.  The fires are south of us and the only north south route is now being evacuated.  So far the Yellowhead Highway is open to Jasper, but subject to change.  

As soon as we were set up, which took much longer than normal, we headed across the border to Hyder.  There is no border crossing station from Canada to the United States, but when you return, Canada has a border crossing.

We drove out to fish creek to see the salmon, that the ladies in the visitor's center in Watson Lake, told us were running.  The ranger at Fish Creek told us they weren't there but should be soon as they were a mile away.  

The four of us stopped for dinner at the Glacier Inn.  I did see a dollar bill signed from Jim Fisher on the wall.  I wonder if it is the one we know.

Bill wasn't impressed and we made comments about how unfriendly this place seemed.

The border crossing back into BC was uneventful.

Did I mention that Sharon and Roger Hime are at this RV park as well as Janice and Robin?

Today we stopped at the visitor's center for information on the fires.  We were told we could stay here another week but it would be best if we were to get across the highway while it is still open.  

I told the lady at the visitor center we were on our way to see the salmon and bears.  She said she didn't know they were there yet so I told her the ranger had said the salmon were a mile away.  

Harry and Carlena walked into the information center and we left our truck and rode back across the border with them to revisit Fish Creek.  The lady asked us to come back and let her know if the salmon were there. 

When we arrived at Fish Creek these rangers said the salmon weren't here.  We said we heard they were a mile away, and they just shrugged and said one fish didn't mean they were close.  Last year they arrived on the 17th.  

I can see why it would be so exciting to see the bears.  We did see one cross the street yesterday as we were at the border crossing. 

It won't be the same not seeing the bears or the salmon but with the fires we've decided to leave while we can.  

I don't know if I mentioned that the GPS doesn't work on this unrecognized road.  Sharon said theirs was doing the same thing.  With no cell phone or internet when we leave this town we won't have any communication.  No, you can't get local radio in case you were wondering.  As it is, we just started getting our Sirius radio, which goes in and out.  

I was happy when I learned this town had a bakery as today is Carlena's birthday.  I since have learned that bakery doesn't mean cakes, they have bread.  

I really would like to stay and see the bears and salmon, but in my heart, I know the decision to leave tomorrow is the smart one.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. You have to do what you have to do, and you need to be wise where forest fires are concerned! We were in Hyder and Stewart later in the year and it was a magical experience..... but we both know seasons and natural disasters can change things! The most important thing is that you are safe!.... and contented! Travel on! Safe journeys!

  2. Best to get by those wildfires while you can and hope all goes well. good luck

  3. With the unpredictability of Wildfires it is better to be Safe then Sorry.

    It's about time.

  4. We went to Stewart and Hyder on our way back to the lower 48 too. Got to know the border agents as we made the crossing from Canada to Alaska and back several times. The glacier was a really interesting place to visit. Sounds like you didn't go that far up the road. A few days/weeks later friends of ours went to Stewart and the road washed out in a storm. Their motorhome had to be ferried out because the area was totally cut off from the main road. Understand why you want to get away from the fires. Safe travels.

  5. To bad you are missing the bears it is a unique experience. But, you would not want to caught in Hyder with the threat of fires.

  6. Birthday bread?? Might not be such a bad idea ...


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