Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Calendar Challenged is Catchy!

Fairbanks, Alaska
Rivers Edge RV Park

I am so far behind, I can't catch up.  I had hundreds of photos from our time in Denali, but we were gone all day and didn't get back until late which would have been dark anyplace but Alaska.  

When we left Denali we drove over to Anderson to meet up with Dennis Hill's Loosey Goosey Bunch.  There was no cell phone or internet there so once again I didn't blog.  

Today we drove over to Fairbanks.  After we were set up we went to Pioneer Park for their Fourth of July celebration.  

We were surprised when we discovered the parking lot was full.  No problem, Harry found a good parking space on a side street.  As we entered the park we were surprised to see people carrying chairs and coolers.  

The first thing we heard was gunfire.  The opening ceremonies were held on the ship and as we rounded the corner found out that the military men were recognizing each state with a shot.  The band played the Alaska state song.  We cheered when West Virginia and Arizona were recognized.  

I'm not sure how many bands were playing but I would say at least three at the same time.  The music ranged from drum and bagpipes to gospel.  

Can you believe they had free food for everyone?  Smoked salmon, fish, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, corn, green beans, carrots, baked potato, bread, corn on the cob and I'm not sure what else.  The plates were platter size and no matter what you said about a little serving, you got a large one.  I couldn't begin to name all the desserts they had, but some of them included the huge pies that Costco and Sam's club serve.  

Pioneer park is much more than a park which also has an Air Museum, a Railroad Museum, Pioneer Museum, Riverboat Nenana, President Harding Railroad Car, Lavelle Young Wheelhouse, Kitty Hensley House, Big Stampede Show, Palace Theater and a native center.  There are many old buildings that have been moved to the park.  There's a train that runs around the park that the kids were enjoying. There's also a miniature golf that was packed.

We headed back to the RV park as we had a couple of hours before we went to the Palace Theater.

As most of you who follow the blog know that we've been traveling with Carlena and Harry.  If you also have been reading this blog for awhile, you know I'm calendar challenged.  

When we arrived here today, Carlena and I wanted to book the Riverboat Discovery Trip and the Gold Dredge 8.  Carlena called the Riverboat trip and we picked the 2 pm tour for tomorrow. Once we had that booked she called to book the Gold Dredge 8 and we booked a 1:45 tour.  Lucky for us, we had the same person answer the phone.  Bryan asked three times if we wanted the Gold Dredge for Wednesday.   Carlena and I both thought today was Monday and not Tuesday.  I had no idea that being calendar challenged was catchy.  I also was off one day on the Loosey Goosey meet.

We all enjoyed the show and even though it was a very long day were glad we went.

Turtle Safely...........

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