Wednesday, July 12, 2017

They Were Open Today

Teslin, Yukon Territories
Yukon Motel and RV Park

It was almost 10 when we left Whitehorse today.  The roads were much better.  There was only one section that we needed a pilot car to proceed. 

We did see a black bear, and he was really black.  All the rest of them have been sun bleached that we saw.

As soon as we were unhitched and had lunch, we went to the Tlingit Heritage Centre.  When we stopped in Teslin on our way to Alaska, it was closed but today it was open.  

When the four of us entered the center, we were told to pay at the end as there was a talk that was just beginning.  

Margaret Douville gave us a demonstration on how she prepares a moose or caribou hide.  

The tools she used were passed down for generations and there is a mark for every moose or caribou on her tools.  

She also demonstrated some of her beadwork.  She was making a vest and all the work is hand sewn.  We also enjoyed hearing stories of her family and culture.  

There were some beautiful displays of the Tlingit culture and we really enjoyed our visit.  

After the Heritage Centre, Harry drove us over to the George Johnston Museum which was also closed when we came through.  

I wasn't sure what this museum would be about.  "Before the Alaska Highway was built, Teslin was a remote, paddle wheeler outpost where people hunted, trapped and fished off the Land.  Venerated Tlingit Elder, photographer, trapper and entrepreneur George Johnston used his 1928 Chevrolet to hunt and taxi in a wilderness roadless until 1943."

He found that he could drive the car on the frozen lake to check on his traps.  He painted the car white to blend in with the ice.

The log museum also had displays of hunting artifacts, and ceremonial regalia.  There was a separate building of 1942 Aeradio Navigation Range with transmitters and interpretive panels.  

Tomorrow we head to Watson Lake.  We're trying to keep ahead of the fires.  It's difficult to keep informed 
when you do not have TV to watch the news.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. There is still a lot of things to see on your return trip so maybe just slow your travels down just a bit.
    The "Weather Guessers" are forecasting Rain and less wind for B.C. which should help the Fire Fighters get things under control.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad to hear the road is getting better. Hope you avoid the fires. Travel safe.

  3. Does the fact you are going to Watson Lake mean you are not going down the Cassiar to Stewart BC and Hyder, Alaska.... one of our favorite places in the world??
    Of course, I don't know where the fires are.... 😓

    There are things I wish you had seen and done, but in the same respect, you saw things we didn't see!

  4. Stewart and Hyder are really worth the short side trip. We loved seeing the salmon spawning and a bear going fishing for his dinner.

  5. I think she will listen to you, Sharon! I agree, of course!


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