Saturday, August 12, 2017

Still in Illinois

Chatham, Illinois
Double J Campground and Park

Another gorgeous travel day, and we didn't have far to go. 
Chatham is near Springfield, Illinois.  If you haven't visited Springfield to see all the Lincoln historic exhibits, you need to do it. 

We've toured here before a couple of years ago.  But this time we found something even better.  

Left to right:  Doug, Shay, Bill and Dominique

As much as we love visiting different places, nothing beats visiting with family.

This a beautiful RV park and it's full with the state fair going on in town.  All the sites are pull thrus with a tree on both sides of the site.  The host told us that Direct TV pointed out in the clearing and we might be able to get satellite.  I wasn't going to even put it up since they have a huge cable line up but then I remembered it is Saddle Up Weekend on  Direct TV.  I put it up and it found the first satellite, but I noticed as it spun around, it caught a tree branch.   I decided to put it down before it found the other two satellites.  When it folded itself down, it closed on a huge limb.  

Lucky for me, Dominique climbed up on the roof and pulled out all of the tree limbs.  Thanks again, Dominique.  She almost blends in with the trees in this photo.

 We've got a lot of ideas of places to see around here.  Unfortunately, we have to leave Monday morning as all sites are reserved.

No problem, we're heading over to Columbus on Wednesday to see another daughter and then east to see another daughter.  

Turtle Safely


  1. Jan we are camped at Lincoln's New Salem campground, north of Springfield, IL. Visited Lincoln's Museum yesterday. Loved it. Planning to go back to Springfield again today to visit a few more places before moving on to Hannibal, Mo tomorrow as we head back home. Enjoy your family time. We just spent two weeks with our son and his family from NY while we visited in KY and OH, and you can't put a price on that!! Lots of good memories made.

  2. We love Springfield. We were just talking with friends last night about their visit. Safe travels.

  3. Lots of things for us to learn about satellite dishes.

  4. Just when you find a place you really like they make you move.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your time with family.

    It's about time.


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