Thursday, August 2, 2018

82 And Going Strong

Bill turned 82 on Monday and we celebrated with Carlena and Harry at Famous Dave's Barbecue. 

It was so good to spend time with Harry and Carlena even though we didn't get to see Boo and her new brother.  We really enjoyed the food and ate way too much. 

It's truly amazing in the few years we've known Harry and Carlena what good friends we've become.  I had numerous texts when Bill had his cardioversion done a few weeks asking how he was doing.  

When Bill was in the hospital this past May in Georgia, Carlena called me and said she could fly to Georgia and  be there in 8 hours.  She didn't want me being there alone.  Now that's a true friend.    

There's a whole story behind the knife that Harry gave Bill but once again it has to do with friendship.  Bill was very touched. They also gave Bill some reminders of the G-men days.  

I felt like something was missing and then I realized what.  We had so much barbecue while in Texas, but then it was always six of us.  We missed George and Linda Morey not being there.

Here's the front of the birthday card from Sherry and Dave.

When you opened it up, it looked like this.  I know this card will be a keeper.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Happy birthday Bill.
    When you have friends like that, you feel really blessed.

  2. Glad you had such a great birthday Bill. Good friends to share it with.

  3. Happy Birthday Bill sounds like a wonderful time with good friends.

  4. Happy Birthday Bill!! Daves is a great place to celebrate!! Love that card!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Bill and looking for many more.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Happy belated birthday to Bill! Sounds like you all had a great time celebrating! Bill looks much younger than his age.

  7. Happy B-Day Bill. Looks like you are doing great!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Bill!!! So glad you had such a fun celebration!!! 🎂🎂

  9. Happy Birthday Bill. I'm so glad you are still able to live the life you want to live and have great friends to share it with.

  10. Yep! You had a Happy Birthday just like we wished you! Many more! 🎉🎂🎈


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