Monday, June 3, 2013

70 Years to Fill

Today was another beautiful day except for the winds.  Bill wanted to fuel the truck up.  He never likes it to get below a half tank.  That is, the original tank on the truck--he keeps the auxiliary tank full too.   There is only one street in this town and one gas station.  Diesel was $4.46 so we decided since we were a mile away from Idaho we'd go check out their prices.  I had left my cell phone on the charger so we didn't have gas buddy with us.  

Once we started up the highway we decided to go to Twin Falls and drive through the town. Along the way we stopped at this historical marker for Salmon Dam.  The dam was constructed in 1910 and didn't fill up until 1984--70 years later.  Our elected officials at work.......  This reservoir is 220 feet high.  

A quick check of POI's on the Rand McNally showed we weren't far from the Perrine Bridge Overlook.  We followed the GPS but the entrance road was closed.  We had to proceed across the bridge but found a scenic overlook.  Bill and I started to walk across the bridge but when a big semi crossed the bridge and the bridge swayed and clanked and then the metal railing on the walkway started to make a lot of noise,  I ran back to the other side.  I could see everything fine from that side of the bridge.

The view from the overlook was awesome.  There were some people in kayaks on the Snake River that looked like tiny dots on the river.  You could see a couple of waterfalls.  

We passed a Fred Myers and decided to get a few groceries.  Next stop was to fill up the truck at $3.99 a gallon.

On our return trip we saw a coyote waiting patiently for us to go by before crossing the road.  He was much larger than the ones we have in Arizona.

Turtle Safely......

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  1. Wow - we only paid $3.659 here in Colorado Springs. Thank goodness. Beautiful pictures of the river. I would have had a tough time on a swaying bridge also.


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