Monday, June 24, 2013

Bits and Spurs

Bill and I enjoyed a leisure morning.   Sherry came over and asked if we wanted to go to the bit and spur factory with them.  We decided to tag along and see the place.  

We were impressed with the small business and nice reception area.  Tom Balding, owner, was just beginning a tour with four other people.  He was very proud and also humble.  A bit could have 30 pieces which all need to be precise.  They tig weld each piece and need many welds.   He explained how precise every piece needs to be.  He has two other employees that have been with him over 10 years.  He prides himself on his designs and unique way of making the bits and spurs.  He said they did over 4500 pieces last year. Tom said they send his products all over the world.  They also do engraving on his products.  I highly recommend stopping by for a tour if you are in Sheridan, WY.  

This is photo of Tom Balding, owner.

After we left Tom Baldings, we made a trip down historic Main Street and Bill had to stop an admire this bronze.

A local, walking down the street saw Bill admiring the bronze and stopped to talk with us.  He said he saw the model for the bronze and  he looked exactly like it.

Next stop was the Don King Western Museum which was out the back of a western store and across the alley into a huge old warehouse where they make saddles and lariats.

The museum had a donation of $2.00.  They had artifacts in every nook and corner.                      

If it was western, they had it.  

This was Bolin saddle that was used for parades.  The photo doesn't show all the silver and leather work. 

They also had a fine gun collection, saddle, native american clothing and bead work, spurs, knives, wagons and a vast collection of photographs.      

They also had many different kinds of lariats.

Tomorrow we find a barber shop that is open.

Turtle Safely.....

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  1. I've now got a couple of things to put on my list for the next time we're in Sheridan. We were too wore out to do much this last time.


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