Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cabela's didn't leave the light on.

This morning it was partly cloudy and I wasn't in any hurry to get hitched up.  Believe it or not, Bill was ready to leave and I wasn't even dressed.  It seemed like all the rigs were hitching up at the same time.  Did I mention that nearly all the rigs in Lincoln Road RV Park were 5ers?  

Our travels took us down highway 287 to I 90.  The winds were terrible.  Heavy winds with even heavier gusts.  We did pass a travel trailer on its side.  There were warning signs on many sections of the highway.
We made a brief stop at the rest area near Park City since the other ones were closed.

Sandie and Jim Dixon stayed another day in Billings when they heard we were coming through.  She said we could stay overnight at Cabela's.  We pulled into Cabela's and they have a very nice section with RV parking along with a kennel and horse pen.  And they also had a sign that said no overnight parking.

 I called Sandie when we arrived and they said they'd be right over to pick us up.  Before they even got there the police came by.  

We enjoyed lunch with Jim and Sandie and as usual the time went by too quickly. I forgot to give them the treat I had in my purse for the girls.

I called 7th Ranch near Bighorn National Park and made a reservation for later in the day.  Bill kept saying the whole way that he was looking forward to his ice cream they always give you when you check in.  

You could imagine the buffalo roaming this area.  

Look how the State of Montana displays there pet area.  This is doggie language for your pet. 

It was hard to choose what kind of ice cream but since we're in Montana I had to pick huckleberry.

Is it just me, but if I call a RV park they always say I better make a reservation because they are almost full?  Invariably, those are the ones with a lot of empty sites. 
This campground is also a horse motel.  We are on the top of the hill at the end and we just saw a truck go by with a buffalo in the back.  I wonder if they are going to put it with the horses.   Sorry I didn't have a chance to get a picture of it. 

Turtle Safely.......


  1. It was so good to see you guys again. I still can't get over the no parking rule. Sure glad you made that reservation or you might not have had a place to stay. lol

  2. The city of Billings has been notorious in the past for passing ordinances prohibiting overnight parking anywhere except RV parks. It's driven by the RV park owners, especially the original KOA (Keep On Adding) that's way overpriced. The Escapees RV Club and others fought the ordinance at one point and won. It looks like the problem has raised its ugly head again!

  3. Jim told us that the owner of a campground is on city council.


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