Sunday, June 23, 2013

Custer's Defeat

Yesterday was a recharge day.  It rained and we just loafed around.  Alice and Joe Knox arrived and came over for a nice visit when the rain stopped. 

Today was beautiful and we piled into Dave's truck and rode back up to Hardin for the 137th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Since we arrived early, we drove through the Little Bighorn National Park, where Sherry and Dave didn't get to visit on their way to Sheridan.  

Here we are at Reno's battlefield.  We could see
the Crow re-enactment site on the Little Big Horn River. We chose to attend the Calvary version, sponsored by the Hardin Chamber of Commerce. 

Bill and I have attended both re-enactments before. Though different and very well done, the end result remains the same. An enigma for history.  

Here's some Chapter 45 members.  Top row left to right. 
Don Smith, Alice Knox, Sherry Sweetman, Dave Sweetman, Bill Mains and Joe Knox.  

The performance started with Lewis and Clark's exploration of the west. 

And the subsequent encroachment by emigrants looking for a new life.
These wagon trains used the nearby Bozeman trail.  
And the fight begins......

When the show was over the players invited you onto the field to take photos.  

I had to take this photo of Bill.  All I could think of was he
wanted to go and play with them.  His response ......."how true." 

It was a long day but we all had fun.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. So when are you getting Bill a horse so he can join in on the fun? Just too bad that the end result is always the same.

  2. Thanks for the great description. We were there back in 2007 for the battlefield tour which was given by a young native american college student. Very informative. And now we live in Custer and are learning much more of what happened way back when.

    Hank and Joyce


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