Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exploring Arco

What's better than having breakfast in bed?  Free breakfast at the RV park cafe.  Breakfast was 2 eggs, 2 huge pancakes, fruit, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Our stay at Mountain View RV Park has been very pleasant.  Yesterday evening I got a hole in one but Bill beat me at horse shoes.  OK, it was a hole in one at the miniature golf.  They allow washing of vehicles and the laundry is a dollar a load.    What a great idea to furnish a wagon to tote your laundry back to your rig.  

Arco was the first city in the US to be powered by atomic energy in 1951.  When we discovered that we decided to drive the 17 miles to the EBR-1 Atomic Musuem.  The parking lot had a few cars but also had RV parking spaces.

The room for the video looks like something out of the 50's.

Don't touch those buttons, Bill!  Actually, none of them are in working condition.

Our private tour guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant.

There were 95 employees who
were all able to make decisions.
It didn't matter what your
position, every ones input was
welcomed.  What a concept!

All in all, it was very interesting and glad we stopped.  Did I mention it was free and there weren't even any donation jars.  We have a much better understanding of atomic energy when we left.  

The rest area had signs about the Lost River.  Bill had a lot of comments about it.  

This was a weather tower which displayed all the weather in southeast Idaho. All the data was displayed on a monitor in real time.  

How often do you see a submarine in the desert?  Well we found one.

Our first warning of being torpedoed instead of getting a parking ticket.

Yesterday's mystery of the numbers on the hill was solved with this sign.  Every graduating class since 1920 has put their numbers on this hill.

We returned to the RV park in time for me to lose another game of horseshoes but I did get a point today.  

I saw Pickle's Place, home of the Atomic Burger, listed on Roadside America.  It didn't look like much but we decided to try it out for dinner.  Like I said it didn't look like much and it wasn't.  We did enjoy the fried pickles as an appetizer but should have left after that.  

I said to Bill it was a shame we ended our day with Pickle's Place as everything else we did was so much fun.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. We didn't get a chance to explore Arco so we missed Pickle's Place which sounds like a good thing. Glad you made it to EBR-1. We really learned a lot when we were there.

    1. Now you know you didn't miss a thing.


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