Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fly Me to the Moon

The morning started out with a little chill on it.

Immediately after we departed we crossed into Idaho.  

I don't think they have dust control in Idaho.  A farmer was plowing in the fields and made visibility difficult

Once again we had a beautiful driving day.  Our route took us past the Emigrant Trail.  Further down the highway we passed Goodale's Cutoff. This is where Oregon bound pioneers took a short cut along the northern edge of the lava land in the mid-1800's.  

And this is where Bill answered me when I said "Fly me to the Moon".  He took me to Moon Crater National Park.  "The surface of the moon as seen through a telescope" is how geologist Harold Sterns described the area in 1923.

Here we are going into the Visitor's Center.  We were surprised by the number of people in there.  We surely didn't pass many cars on the highway.

I learned from the Visitor's Center that this little guy was a stripped ground squirrel.

A short walk from the Visitor's Center was the campground. It was very pretty and inviting except most sites were not very level.  They had water and a bath house.  We decided we'd rather stay in Arco.

Here's Bill checking out the snow marker on the Peaks to Crater Highway.

We pulled into Mountain View RV Park in Arco, Idaho.  The cost was $27 with a Good Sam discount.  Did I mention that includes breakfast?  There is a small cafe here and they have dinners and a free breakfast of pancakes and eggs.  We opted for 30 amp service rather than pay $5.00 extra for 50 amp.  We have a pull thru.

Close only counts in horseshoes.  We missed the tree by a whole inch.  

I'm sorry this photo is hard to see the writings on the mountain.  I'll try for a better one tomorrow and an explanation.

Turtle Safely...... 


  1. We were fascinated by the rocks in Craters of the Moon. Really incredible. And be sure to stop at the Atomic Museum not too far down the road.

  2. Jan close counts in hand grenades also!


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