Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hooked up and ready to go but not out the exit.  Wanda and Jake left very early and they went out the "in".  We looked at the exit and two u-haul trailers were parked in it.  No problem we just went out the "in only".

Our travels continued on highway 93.  As we were leaving the town of McGill there was a road sign saying "Next Gas 124 Miles".  I didn't have the camera out on the first sign but caught another later.                                      Once again we had the highway to ourselves.  The views were spectacular and we saw many signs warning of  deer or elk.  We saw a few small herds of pronghorns.

                                                                                                                   The mountain peaks all had snow on them.  

We were able to pull off for a short stop almost anywhere on the road.  

Bill and I are really enjoying our Dan Brown audio book "Inferno".  When I retired we took a trip to Italy and part of the trip was the Angels and Demon excursion in Rome showing us where all the places in that book were located.  This book is talking about Florence and Venice both cities that we explored.  We feel like we are there again.  We have one disc left but decided to save it for another pulling day.  

We pulled into Jackpot, NV around noon.  We are staying at Saguaro RV park part of Pete's Casino.  It's $22 per night for a very long pull through.  There's a pool, spa and tennis courts at the hotel that we could use.  There is a sign that says we can use the sewer for gray water only.  It's a 30 amp site with cable.

I've seen a lot of different amenities at rv parks but this is the first deer locker and scales I've seen.

Turtle Safely........

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  1. We ended up going out the in also. When we got to Cactus Pete's, we dry camped right next to your site. Just on the outside of the RV park. Walked the girls in your yard. Too funny.


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