Friday, June 21, 2013

Just like Humprey's.

Why is it when you aren't in a hurry, you are up early and ready to go?  We were only 65 miles from Sheridan and the sun was shining without any winds.  Yes, I think today was my day to drive.  

I drove down highway 451 instead of I 90--it just ran parallel to the interstate.  

When we completed our registration at Peter D's RV Park we pulled into our site and Don Smith was parked right next to us.  After we visited for a while we decided to go to check out the town and get Bill to the barbershop.  We strolled through the historic part of Sheridan and found some beautiful bronzes on nearly every corner.   
Our next stop was the visitor center.  It was nicely laid out with a dump for RV's.

This bronze of a coal miner was of special interest to us since our grandson, Jeff Rine, is a coal miner.  Many years in West Virginia brought back memories of coal mining.  

Sherry and Dave arrived later on in the afternoon.  Peter D wanted all the fifth wheels pulled forward with the trucks behind them.  Dave found that his sewer hose wouldn't reach and needed an extension, off to Walmart we went.
The stop at Walmart has to be a record as we weren't in there very long.  

We drove over to the historic district to find a restaurant.  We passed up two and then I asked a man sitting in a coffee shop where to go.  He suggested a restaurant in an old historic building that Bill wanted to see  inside.  Sandford's Pub and Grub looked very much like Humphrey's that we went to in Gillette.  As it turned out one of their other restaurants was indeed Humphrey's.  It took a very long time to decide what to have as they had a huge menu.

Everyone enjoyed their selection and there was more than enough to eat at very reasonable prices.  They also had a pint of beer for $1.00 with our meals.  

Peter D's has a sign on the door that they are full.  That's something you don't see often.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Glad you got in okay. Hope everybody else does to. We just backed up after hitching up and dumped. That park was full both nights we were there. It really is popular. Have fun.

  2. It's nice to see your sunshine. Not what we're experiencing in Gillette now! Wind, rain, hail...and I was teaching a woman to drive her 43' motorhome!


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