Monday, October 28, 2013


Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort #50

It's been a busy week since we returned to our home.  My 93 year old father had a doctor appointment in Tucson at the VA.  By the time we brought Dad back he was exhausted. Bill and I also had our annual body check up and Bill had a check up at his cardiologist.  Since we were taking care of our bodies, we also got our flu shots.  

Tires were rotated on the truck and an oil change was completed.  Bill washed and waxed the truck and it was back to looking good again.  He really takes a lot of pride in seeing it shining.  

We pulled out of Casa Grande around 8 am Sunday and arrived in Amado before the park opened.  We waited around for the office to open at its scheduled hour of 10 but no one showed up.  A quick call to the posted contact phone number and we found out our site number was 50.  It is a blind side back in with a light pole on one side and a high concrete slab on the other.  The curb is high and we also had a corner site.  Bill did a great job of threading the needle and put it in perfectly the first time without having to move forward at all.  Why is it when there is no one watching, you can back in perfectly but if there are a lot of people watching you it's not as smooth. 

After unhitching, and did I mention how much quicker it is with the level ups, we left for the Pima County Fairgrounds.  As we were passing the airport exit, Bill remembered he left his money on the bed, so we turned around and started over again.  Since we were meeting Don and Sharon Del Rosario for dinner, we decided to stop at Costco first and then go to the fairgrounds.  The show was a dud, a lot of flea market junk.  

Bill and I suggested the Vail Steakhouse as it is right off I 10.  They are RV friendly and have a huge parking lot you are welcome to stay overnight.  

 We've been there before and had great food, however, it wasn't great this time.

Don and Sharon Del Rosario and Jan and Bill 

 Seeing Don and Sharon again made up for the so so food. 

By the time we got back to Amado it was dark.  It made for a very long day.

We did absolutely nothing today.  As we were walking around we saw Doug and Sheila Sage.  It was good catching up with them.  

John and Karen Knoll pulled in a little later.  They came over and we sat outside and talked like it had been a long time since we've seen them but it's only been a week.  Karen told us about a little grill in Tubac and asked us if we wanted to go.  

Before we could leave, people started stopping by.  The next thing we knew there were 12 people sitting outside.  It was dark when they all went back to their rigs.  

John drove and as we were a mile or two away, Karen asked if he remembered his insulin.  We turned around and came back for it.  It sure made us feel better since we'd done that the day before. 

I'm sorry I didn't think to take pictures.  John had a chicken pot pie that was as big as the plate.  Bill had a pot roast dinner, Karen had artichoke chicken and I ordered a taco salad.  There were a lot of options for dressing and the waitress brought me a jalapeno blue cheese one that had a bite to it.  It was delicious on the salad.  A nice evening with excellent food and service.

Tomorrow the rally starts.

Turtle Safely......



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