Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chapter 45--Day 1

Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort

It wasn't cold when we got up this morning.  I turned the fireplace on for a little bit and it wasn't long before the AC was coming on.  

Bill and I went on our morning walk and before we got too far someone was shouting at us.  As we got closer, I realized it was Harold Bliss.  We haven't seen Harold and his wife, Marcia, since last spring.  Their dog, Misty, was a young pup the last time we saw them in Parker.  

Since we are on a corner site, people seem to gather here.  There were a bunch of us sitting outside when Jim and Sandie Dixon arrived.  We all took our chairs down to watch Jim park.
Even though it was a blind side back in, Jim put it right in with no difficulty. 

Jim and Sandie got set up and came down to visit with us for a few minutes before they went to tour the Titan Missile Museum.  Sandie said she had a call from a neighbor who was concerned because there was a huge accident on I 10 from a dust storm and wanted to make sure they were OK. 

 Pretty soon Joe Knox knocked at the door and came in to visit for a while.  Sherry and Dave came down to say they were going to the Copper Mine tour.  We decided to do it on another day.  We've been here 3 years in a row so we weren't in a hurry to do anything today.  It was nice watching our friends pull in and also nice that their arrivals were spaced apart.  

Ed and Alice Allard arrived safely and said they didn't come down the freeway.  They visited for awhile and then Joyce and Hank Whitney stopped by.  John and Karen Knoll walked over and pretty soon there was a large group gathered.  It was time for Happy Hour which was held in the clubhouse due to the high winds.

Everyone introduced themselves and it was nice to see we had some new people.  It was a little strange having the chairs in rows for Happy Hour but they were set up that way for the movie "The Long Long Trailer" which would follow dinner.  

Dinner was very nice.  The RV park made the lasagna dinner.  It must have been three inches high and covered the plate and also included a small salad bar.  They had coffee and iced tea to drink and a brownie for dessert.  Sherry and Dave volunteered to serve.  The restaurant isn't officially open so that is why the chapter had to have a volunteer to serve. 

Look at the size of the portions.
Left to right:  Karen and John Knoll, Jeanne Schmidt, Gerri and John Beckman, Nick Schmidt, Jim and Sandie Dixon and Me. 

Breakfast will be served in the clubhouse at 8 am.  FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!
Isn't that what Escapees can do best?  

Turtle Safely...........


  1. Had a great time last night and again at breakfast. Don't be surprised to see a couple of your pictures on my blog.

  2. And yes, you did get rid of word verification. Thank you.


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