Friday, October 4, 2013

Down by the Riverside

North Little Rock, Arkansas
Downtown Riverside RV Park

Today started out cloudy but by the time we were down the road a 100 miles the sun came out.  We were fighting a head wind and watched the miles per gallon go down.  I don't know if this is a trend, but there were no rest stops open on the interstate.  Of course, the highway was under a lot construction.

I called the Downtown Riverside RV Park before we left this morning and they had one back in site left.  The lady told me she just had a cancellation or she wouldn't have had anything.  She said since the national parks are closed down everyone is scrambling for a site.  We did notice last night that the Lucky Lady RV Park looked full, but thought the word was out about what a good bargain it was. 

The sites are very narrow here and we don't have room to put our awning out.  It was also a blind back in with the hook ups on the wrong side.  

The RV park is located on the Arkansas River with the Clinton Pedestrian Bridge right beside us giving access to the Library.   

Bill took this photo looking south from the pedestrian bridge at the Arkansas River.  He likes any river as long as it is west of the Mississippi. 
The building didn't look like much after visiting the Gerald Ford Museum last month.  They did have the gift shop open.  The city park and grounds right next to it was very pretty.

I don't think Bill was disappointed.
This bridge was a lot steeper than it looks.
Here's the park with the walking/biking trails on the other side of the river from the RV park.
This is a photo looking from the bridge to RV Park.  

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow but the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum/USS Razorback Submarine is next to us.  If we go we'll be thinking of Don Del Rosario.

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. I wasn't thinking about all the folks being run out of federal campgrounds needing a place to stay. What a mess. But I had no idea that Presidential libraries were owned by the Feds. I thought non-profits owned them. What do I know?


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