Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Escapees Chapter 21

Deming, New Mexico
Dreamcatcher RV Park #45

Yesterday, Bill went looking for a red and white pole that he's previously stopped at while in Deming.  He was lucky--no lines, no "I take appointments only" and his haircut only cost $8.00.  After such a success with a barber, we went to fuel up the truck.  Our 11.8 mpg really showed how bad the winds were during our drive to Deming.  Diesel was $3.67.

Oh, by the way, Froggi said they were driving on I 10 eastbound heading to Las Cruces for the night.  

We stopped in Walmart for a few supplies and met John and Karen there.  By the time we got back it was time to prepare something for Happy Hour.

As usual, there were many delicious appetizers, so many, we didn't eat dinner.

Sharon and Don Del Rosario are the hosts for the rally.

Here's a good picture of Sharon--rested.

I didn't take any pictures Monday when they arrived.  They had spent the two weeks prior hosting the Boomers at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque and they were exhausted.  
Don and Sharon gave the announcements of events for the rally.  Everyone introduced themselves before we ate.  

Ron and Alice Schulz

John and Karen Knoll
Here's the VCR's for the rally--Ron and Jerri Lee Hopf.

After dinner we sat outside and watched the beautiful moon with the Knoll's and tried to solve all the problems in the world.  

This morning there was coffee and donuts for the attendees.  After the "hugs 'n mugs" everyone departed for some of the many attractions in the area.  I know the Del Rosario's and King's went to Silver City as they have never been there before.  

We decided there wasn't anything we wanted to see that we haven't seen before.  Before we knew it, it was time for Happy Hour. Bill was having some back pain and didn't feel like going up for Happy Hour.  

I sold 50/50 tickets for Sharon.  I borrowed $5.00 from John as I hadn't taken any money with me.  I won the 50/50 so I paid John back right away.  I also won a door prize.  

I enjoyed hearing "share your day" on what people thought of the places they visited.  

It was a "burn your own potluck" for dinner.  The winds were really blowing again, but the grill was on the side of the building away from the wind.  There was a very nice variety of great dishes.  

This is so much better than when the rally was held at an open shelter at Pancho Villa State Park.

Looking forward to the winery tomorrow.

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. Hope Bill's back is better. I know the problems Jim has with his back and it's not fun.


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