Thursday, October 3, 2013


Caruthersville, MO
Lucky Lady Casino RV Park

Everyone who knows Bill understands how he feels about the East.  This morning when we were trying to decide whether to stay another day at Grandma's RV Park, Bill calculated how far it was to the Mississippi River.  The next thing I know, he says "We're leaving, pack up."  

We usually have a big hot breakfast everyday, but since Bill wanted to get on the road he said he wanted peanut butter and butter toast.  I fixed his toast oozing with butter and peanut butter and then went to hand it to him while he was sitting on the love seat with his computer in his lap.  

I know this isn't in focus, but this is what his computer looked like when I peeled off the toast I dropped on it.
I was thinking about driving today, but thought it might be better if I wasn't behind the wheel.  It took a long time to remove the peanut butter and butter between the keys but it still works!

Before we started down I 65 we had an alternate route picked out in case the road was in poor condition.   As it turned out, it wasn't too bad in the center lane.  From Elizabethtown, Kentucky we took the Wendell R Ford Parkway which was a beautiful road with a lot of fall foliage.  We came to an intersection that would have taken us to Paducah and then, Sikeston MO, home of Labert's Cafe, but thought we better eat an apple and watch our waistline and take the Julian M Carroll Purchase Parkway.  

Welcome to Tennessee 

We passed through Union City, and by passed the Dixie Gun Works (where resides a great collection Bill is very fond of) without stopping.  Matter of fact, we never stopped once today.  Bill spent a few hours there last year.  This highway had signs saying it was the I 69 proposed interstate.  

And finally, the bridge across the Mississippi River on I 155.

Bill let out a big sigh after we crossed it.  He's finally back in the west.  

We've stayed at the Lucky Lady Casino in Caruthersville, MO last summer.  $17.50 per night with Good Sam and our players card for 50 amp full hook ups.  Very large pull throughs with neatly trimmed landscape.  

The park is located on the banks of the Mississippi River next to the floating casino.
This is the floating Lucky Lady Casino

This is the view from the gazebo here at the RV park.

We haven't decided how long we are staying but we did just pay for one night when we registered.  Decisions will be made tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.....


  1. Loved the peanut butter story! Sometimes stuff just happens, and I hope you both laughed (eventually :). Getting out west is good, too, even in short trips. Look forward to seeing you both in Q.

  2. Great PB story. I dropped my sandwich on the floor and had to fight the girls for it. I only partially won. I totally understand about being in the West.


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