Thursday, October 17, 2013

Luna Rosa Winery

Deming, New Mexico
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It's time to head to Arizona!  It was 33 degrees this morning.  Bill and I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt to "hugs 'n mugs" this morning.  By the time we left the clubhouse it had warmed up nicely and we went back to change into cooler clothing.

Sharon, Gloria and Cool Judy and I went to a craft store this morning.  It had a lot of different things but I didn't buy anything.  

Gloria bought Frank this cute t-shirt when we stopped at Walmart.

By the time we arrived back at the RV park, it was almost lunch time.  At 1 pm we left for the Luna Rosa Winery.  They had a beautiful showroom with many different items.

And here we are sampling.  They make 22 different wines and we could sample all of them if we wanted.
The owners wife, sorry I forgot her name, was very knowledgeable and pleasant.  Her husband was at a nearby vineyard and he came back to give us a tour.  He came from Italy 27 years ago and has been here ever since.  

I was surprised to learn that they grown their own grapes, make their own wine and bottle it.  
We've toured many winery's but I never have had anyone explain the governments regulations and also how they are taxed.

 This is a bottling machine that fills the bottles, corks the bottle (yes he believes you should use real corks), puts the foil over the cork and attaches the labels.  

It was an enjoyable afternoon and by the time we returned it was just about time for Happy Hour.  Most people just stayed at the clubhouse for the pork dinner sponsored by the park. 
And if the great dinner wasn't enough, we had entertainment.  

Another great day and to top it off as we left the clubhouse a beautiful full moon.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. A wonderful tour but definitely time to come back to AZ. Our weather is gorgeous.

  2. We just passed this winery for about the 10th time today... Currently we are in Rockhound for the night.

    I love your blog picture... is that Goosenecks in Utah?

    I left a reply to your question about where we keep the doghouse on our blog. Are we going to see you folks in Quartzsite this year?


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