Monday, October 14, 2013

New Mexico, Texas, New Mexico

Deming, New Mexico
Dreamcatcher #45

Last night in the middle of the night the carbon monoxide detector went off.  By the time we removed the battery to shut it off, we were wide awake.  Needless to say, today the lack of sleep caught up to us.  

 Did I mention to you that our site at The Ranch had a big bountiful pecan tree?  These were in the back of the truck this morning.

It was very strange passing Carlsbad Caverns which looked like a ghost town.  I can't understand why if you are charged to go to a National Park that the government would shut it down.  It's a business--except for your senior citizens that purchased a golden eagle pass.  Quit giving away foreign aid, Americans should come first.  Enough said about that.

The Guadalupe Mountains National  Park.
The scenery is very spectacular.
The orange cones are how they closed the park.

The park has 7% and 8% grades.
These mountains are the highest in Texas.
This is the Alkali Lakes

We stopped at a picnic area on highway 180/62 for lunch.  We were leading and John and Karen were behind us.  Bill and I went inside the trailer to fix lunch and when we came out John and Karen were gone. What a strange feeling.  He had pulled in front of us and to the other side of the road to find a spot he thought was more level and we couldn't see him from the side of our trailer.  It wasn't level either.  

The winds were terrible and we were watching the fuel gauge.  John said he'd have to stop for fuel at a truck stop.  We were leading and he found a station he could get into, but there was no where for us to pull over, so we said we'd see them in Deming.  Bill is very glad to have an auxiliary tank as it gives him peace of mind.  

As we were about 20 miles from Deming, I could swear we saw Stu and Froggi McNicol on their Harley's heading east.

It was 3 pm when we arrived and by the time we were set up it was Happy Hour.  The room was packed.  We didn't stay long, we were tired and hungry.  John and Karen Knoll, Alice and Ron Schultz and Bill and I walked next door to the Holiday Inn for dinner.  We enjoyed catching up with Alice and Ron about their adventures in Colorado.  

Tomorrow the Chapter 21 Rally officially starts.

Turtle Safely......


  1. Yup, that was probably us....we are in Las Cruses for the night. LOL!

  2. I was going to say it probably was them because I knew they were headed that direction. Glad you're all there. Get some sleep and have a good time.


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