Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ranger to the Ranch

Lakewood, New Mexico
The Ranch #34

Yesterday the weather forecast was for strong winds and possible showers.  We packed up and were on the road by nine am.  The morning was pleasant so I offered to drive.  Of course, a few miles down the road the winds hit us broadside.  They were very strong, but it didn't rain.  

I drove west on I 20 to just west of Sweetwater and took highway 84 north.  When I came to Snyder, we decided to fuel up.  We don't usually fuel up with the trailer hitched but we knew the roads ahead were pretty desolate and the auxiliary tank was empty.  Lucky for me, there was plenty of room to maneuver the rig.  The winds were really making the mpg drop and we felt better with a full tank.
When I got out of the truck, I could hardly open the door because of the strong winds.  

We turned west again and went through Lamesa.  Nearly every little RV park was filled with oil workers.  I drove 253 miles and pulled over in a fruit stand driveway for a bathroom break.  When I looked at how I had to get out of there, I decided it was Bill's turn to drive.  He drove the rest of the way to The Ranch.  Of course, when he got behind the wheel the winds completely stopped.  

This sign gave us an extra hour.

As we crossed the cattle guard at The Ranch and pulled in the bell rang.  What a welcome you get here.      

Bill backed the trailer in and I went to plug the electric in.  The plug was upside down and no way could you have the EMS upside down.  We got out our 50 amp extension cord and plugged it in upside but the cover had to stay open.  We put the EMS in between the extension and the 50 amp cord.
Turned on the circuit breaker and nothing.
There was a 30 amp receptacle on the side of the pedestal but we really wanted to use 50 amp service.

I went to the office and Mike came back to fix it.  He opened up the 50 amp receptacle and I mentioned that it was upside down so he said he'd fix it.  When he opened it up there were no wires running to it.  After awhile, he figured it out. 

 Can you see the little box at the right rear of the trailer where the black electric cord is connected?
It turned out to be the 50 amp post, but you had to go to the front pedestal with the number 34 on it to turn it on. 

We got the power working just in time as it was 4 pm.  Caren came over to welcome us to the park and ask if we were going to the happy hour.  We went as is, and met some really nice SKP's.
 This is the lot next to us which still shows some damage from the floods.

Today we spent the day in Carlsbad.  The truck didn't seem to be stopping as quickly as it has in the past.  We took it to an auto repair shop to have them check it out.  
Bill told them to change the fuel filter while they were at it. 

Bill and I walked two blocks over where we had seen a barber shop with a red and white pole.  When we passed it on the way to the auto shop, we weren't sure if it was open or not, because there were no cars out front.  Bill walked in and said he wanted a haircut.  The barber said he only cuts hair by appointment and if Bill came back late this afternoon or tomorrow he'd cut his hair.  No one there, why would you turn down a paying customer?  The saga of Bill and the barbershop continues.....

We went around the corner and there was a beauty shop and I walked in and immediately had my hair cut.  Sherry complained about her bad haircut in Minnesota and how she didn't have any hair left.  I believe that beautician moved to Carlsbad.  

Turtle Safely......

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  1. I cannot believe the problems Bill has getting his hair cut. Isn't it amazing how many lousy beauticians there are? We need our hair cut but who knows what I'll look like when we're done.


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