Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Ranger, Texas
RL RV Park #12

When we left North Little Rock, the weather was perfect even though they were forecasting rain and winds.  Since we've been in this area quite a few times before we decided to take I 30.  The road had some construction but overall wasn't bad, except the rest areas were closed.  We took highway 59 south when we crossed into Texas. 

 The weather was still great and traffic was light so we just pulled into Rainbow's End in Livingston a day earlier than our reservation.  No problem they weren't full.  

Bill and I went to their ice cream social in the clubhouse.  After having our ice cream we walked around.  I was surprised that even in the dark there were no mosquitoes.  But the love bugs made up for the lack of mosquitoes.  The front of our coach is covered in them as well as the radiator on the truck.  They swarm by the door and you have to hurry out.  Our neighbor told Bill that we were very lucky because they only come out for two weeks and we got the right weeks. 

Our site was next to the office so we decided to do some laundry.  We rushed over to the Care Center for the 11 am tour only to find out they were too busy with the preparations for the annual garage sale to have tours.  Next week is Octoberfest!

We drove into Livingston to fuel up the truck.  Diesel was $3.49.  By the time we came back, the mail center was open so we picked up our mail.  

When we left Livingston today we drove on highway 190 to Huntsville.  I can't remember which towns we went through but one of them had the Season's Greeting sign on the streetlight pole.  I've heard of decorating early but this is way too early.  Sorry it caught me by surprise and I didn't get a photo.

So which way do we go?

Bill drove up I 45 to I 20.  I thought we might stay in Aledo again, but the weather was once again perfect--no wind, sunny and about 80 degrees.  

We stopped in Ranger for the night.  The name of the park is RL RV Park.  It has 80 foot pull thru and 50 amp service.  Why is it that the RV parks along an interstate where people usually just stop overnight have picnic tables and the parks where people stay longer never have any?  Did I mention the rate for Escapees was $20 for the night?  The owner was so helpful.  I asked about diesel and he said to go to Walmart.  He drew me a map complete with where the diesel pump was located.  

We're anxious to meet up with John and Karen Knoll but they've had a little problem so won't see them until Sunday. 

Turtle safely..........  


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  1. So how did the park in Livingston look? Appears they've recovered pretty good. What happened with John and Karen. Hope everything is okay. Feels really good to be back in AZ.


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