Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sticks and Bricks for a week

Casa Grande, Arizona

The breakfast sponsored by the Dreamcatchers RV Park was very good.  You had your choice of how you wanted your eggs cooked, what kind of sausage, potatoes, juice and toast.  Thank you John and Karen for buying our breakfast. 

We said good bye to old friends and some new friends we met.  It was a nice way to end our summer adventures.  

We left about 9 am and I told Bill I'd drive to Texas Canyon. There wasn't much wind considering what we had coming across Texas.  Traffic was very light across New Mexico.  A Carriage fifth wheel passed me and cut in so quickly I had to hit the brakes to keep from hitting him.  I don't know if he forgot he had a trailer behind him or what his excuse was.  

When I pulled into Texas Canyon for a potty break, I was enjoying the drive and I told Bill I'd drive the rest of the way.  

He was find with that, but he got a little quiet while I was driving through Tucson with the traffic and construction.  

John and Bill did some tweaking on the hitch before we left, and the rig handled so much better.  Remember the trip across Texas in the winds and we only got 11.8 mpg?
Well I hope you can read the miles per gallon I got today.
17.2 MPG--Not bad at all!

It's going to be a busy week.  We are taking my Dad to the VA in Tucson  and we have doctor appointments a few days later.  Bill wants to get an oil change on the truck before we leave for the Chapter 45 rally.  

Since Bill was the co-pilot today he didn't take any other photos. 

Turtle Safely.........   


  1. Welcome home. 17.2 - that is incredible. I get excited when we get 11. Tucson is always a mess - they are constantly doing construction. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed that you drove the whole way. And that mileage is impressive! Must have had a tail wind. We did for part of the time and got about 10 mpg, which is great for a diesel pusher. Glad you avoided an accident with that other 5th wheel. If you ever see it again, tell the driver I can offer a driving lesson!

  3. The main thing I remember about Tucson is it took forever to get anywhere in that town. Half the roads were torn up, the signals were set poorly and reaching something only a few miles away was a frustrating ordeal. This was a few years ago but I've been in no hurry to go back. We'll probably have to go through there in Nov.


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