Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Day in Deming

Deming, New Mexico
Dream Catcher Escapees RV Park
Site #20

The winds were still blowing when we got up.  We just vegged today.  Walked over to the office and signed up for another day.  I watched the Diamondbacks lose again while Bill read a book.  

The plans for dinner were the Italian restaurant with the Del Rosario's.  Don pulled into a parking space right in front of the old bank building.  There were lots of empty spaces.  There also were no lights on inside.  The hours sign said they closed at 3 pm on Sundays.  Oh well, let's try someplace else.  We went to the Rancher's Grill which Bill and I have gone to before.  
Can you tell why we've been there before?  Check out the sign between us and the buffalo and rifle on the wall.  

The photo didn't come out well but it is lot of brands on the wall. 

The winds were still blowing when we returned.  

We all agreed that we've been in Deming long enough and are looking forward to going on down the road.  

I had some comments on the I 10 interstate being closed  asking why they closed it.  Besides the heavy winds, for those of you not familiar with the west, the dust was blowing so bad that at one point they said there was zero visibility.  

Turtle Safely........

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  1. Sure hope things are calming down over your way. Today was a really great day here.


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